Date of release: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dr Kabir RustogiThe UK's leading professional body in Operational Research (OR) has presented a University of Greenwich academic with a major award.

Dr Kabir Rustogi, who recently finished his PhD at the university's Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities, was selected as the winner of the PhD Prize awarded by the Operational Research Society UK for the "Most Distinguished Body of Research leading to the Award of a Doctorate in the field of OR".

He says: "Operational Research uses mathematical modelling to maximise resources – which are generally scarce – in real-life situations. For example, does a bus route maximise the number of passengers being served while ensuring the bus completes its route in a certain amount of time? Also in sporting competitions such as the World Cup, OR aims to ensure the matches are played evenly, giving each team the same amount of rest between fixtures.

"It is nice to have my work recognised in this way. My PhD supervisors were Professor Vitaly Strusevich and Dr Nadarajah Ramesh. They helped enormously with my work but, as my first supervisor, Vitaly was especially motivational. I'm very grateful for his support."

Kabir received a trophy and a prize of £1,500 for his work, "Machine Scheduling with Changing Processing Times and Rate-modifying Activities". Since finishing his PhD, Kabir is now lecturing OR at the university, as well as continuing his research within the Mathematics department.

A widely cited researcher in the field of Machine Scheduling, Kabir has presented his work in several European conferences. The OR Society, which was set up in 1948, is the world's oldest-established learned society catering to the Operational Research profession, with over 2,500 members in 53 countries.

Picture: Dr Kabir Rustogi receives his award from Dr Geoff Royston, president of the OR Society.

Story by Public Relations