Staff profiles

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellors

Name Portfolio
Neil Spiller Arts engagement

Faculty Operating Officer


Architecture & Landscape

Name Job title
Nic Clear Head of Department
Tony Clelford Post Graduate Diploma in Architectural Practice Programme Leader
James Fox Visiting Lecturer
Susanne Isa Architecture Year 1 Design Coordinator
Marko Jobst Architecture Undergraduate Theory Coordinator
Benz Kotzen Landscape Postgraduate Coordinator
Jamie Liversedge Landscape Undergraduate Coordinator
Shelley Mosco Senior Lecturer; Research Assistant.
Neil Spiller Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor; Professor of Architecture and Digital Theory
Ed Wall Academic Leader Landscape
Tim Waterman Senior Lecturer; Landscape Architecture Theory Coordinator

Built Environment

Name Job title
Brian Cato Senior Lecturer in Project Management
Mark Daley Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader, BSc Estate Management and BSc Real Estate
Kostis Evangelinos Senior Lecturer in Building Surveying
Christine Gausden Senior Lecturer
David Isaac Professor of Real Estate Management and Director of Research and Enterprise
Anthony Kelly Senior Lecturer; Programme Leader BSc Hons Design & Construction Management
Shaun Lundy Interim Head of Department of Built Environment & Academic Portfolio Leader
Mark Mulville Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Built Environments, MSc Portfolio Manager (Construction)
Simon Muturi Senior Lecturer (Construction Management)
John O'Leary Senior Lecturer
Maureen Rhoden Senior Lecturer
Mohammad Saki Doctoral Researcher
Yvonne Simpson Senior Lecturer
David Thomas Senior Lecturer
Charles Vanderpuye Senior Lecturer in Property Development and Property Management

Computing & Information Systems

Creative Professions & Digital Arts

Name Job title
Christopher Brown Senior Lecturer in Film Production
Lucy Brown Programme Leader Film & TV / Digital Film Production - Principal Lecturer
Kate Cheeseman Senior Lecturer, Film
Alison Cross Senior Lecturer, Film and Design
Rosamund Davies Senior Lecturer, Media and Creative Writing
Andrew Dawson Principal Lecturer, Film
Ryan Flynn Principal Lecturer
Andrew Hill Lecturer in Sound Design and Music Technology
Nickie Hirst Senior Lead on Innovation, Creative Enterprise & Design
Emmanouil Kanellos Senior Lecturer in BA Graphic Design & BA Animation Programmes
Stephen Kennedy Principal Lecturer, Media & Communication, Media Arts
Alex Lichtenfels Lecturer in Film & TV
Anastasios Maragiannis Academic Portfolio Leader - Principal Lecturer in Design
Clive Nwonka Lecturer in Film & TV
Vaughan Oliver
Isil Onol Senior Lecturer in Design & Digital Arts
Kam Rehal Senior Lecturer Graphic Design
Gauti Sigthorsson Principal Lecturer, Programme Leader
Miriam Sorrentino Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, Branding and Advertising
Gregory Sporton Head of Department; Professor of Digital Creativity
Ian Thompson Lecturer, Media and Creative Industries
Janet Tovey Senior Lecturer, Cinematography
David Waterworth Lecturer, Media
Julie Watkins Senior Lecturer, Film Practice
David Watson Senior Lecturer, MA Web Design

History, Politics & Social Sciences

Name Job title
Tim Acott Principal Lecturer, Environmental Geography
June Balshaw Head of Department of History, Politics & Social Sciences
Victoria Carolan Senior Lecturer, History
Nandini Dasgupta Reader, Development, Environment and Enterprise
Sandra Dunster Principal Lecturer in History
Claire Eustance Senior Lecturer, History
Adriana Ford Research Fellow in Environmental Social Sciences
Kath Jones Senior Lecturer, Philosophy
Peter Jones University Teaching Fellow and Principal Lecturer
Matthew Jones Lecturer in Political Science
Hilda Kean Visiting Professor
Lorraine Macmillan Lecturer; Programme Leader MA International Relations
Sally Mann Senior Lecturer, Sociology
Craig Morris Senior Lecturer, Sociology
Louise Owusu-Kwarteng Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, Sociology
Sarah Palmer Emeritus Professor of Maritime History
Cathryn Pearce Visiting Lecturer
Sara Pennell Programme Leader, History/ Senior lecturer in Early Modern British history
Gavin Rand Senior Lecturer, History
Tracey Reynolds Professor of Social Sciences
Michael Talbot Lecturer, History
Vanessa Taylor Lecturer in Environmental History / Research Fellow
Jim Urpeth Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, Philosophy
Elena Vacchelli Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Chris Ware Senior Lecturer in Naval History


Name Job title
Sarah Adamson Lecturer in Criminology
Stacy Banwell Principal Lecturer in Criminology
Farhana Begum Senior Lecturer in Family Law
Sandra Clarke Head of Department
Kim Everett Principal Lecturer in Law
Alexandra Fanghanel Lecturer in Criminology
Michael Fiddler Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Sally Gill Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Legal Advice Centre
Kirsten Guindi Senior Departmental Administrator
Steven Haines Professor of Public International Law
Lynne Hanmore Senior Lecturer in Law
Louise Hewitt Lecturer in Law
Johanna Hoekstra Lecturer in Law
Leonie Howe Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Kristian Humble Principal Lecturer in International Law, LLB Programme Leader
Ben Hunter Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Darrick Jolliffe Professor of Criminology
Hannah Jordan Departmental Administrator
Maria Kaspersson Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Sarah Kilbane Lecturer in Criminology
Angela Laycock Senior Lecturer in Law
Celso Lopez Employability Officer
Olga Martin-Ortega Reader in Public International Law
Linnéa Osterman Lecturer in Criminology
Opi Outhwaite Senior Lecturer in Law
Chris Pawlowska Senior Lecturer in Law
Mark Pawlowski Professor of Property Law
Edward Phillips Principal Lecturer in Law
David Phillips Lecturer in VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments)
Dragana Radosavljevic Senior Lecturer in Law
Shuab Rahman Departmental Administrator
Isobel Renzulli Lecturer in Law
Anna Tippett Lecturer in Criminology
Richard Wild Principal Lecturer in Criminology
Carol Withey Principal Lecturer in Law
Giulia Zampini Lecturer in Criminology

School of Law postgraduate students

Meet our postgraduate research students.

Literature, Language & Theatre

Name Job title
Dr Maria Arche Senior Lecturer, Spanish and Second Language Acquisition
Dr Justine Baillie Senior Lecturer, English Literature
Dr Simon Bowes Lecturer in Drama
Dr Emily Critchley Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing
Dr Harry Derbyshire Principal Lecturer, Programme Leader, English Literature
Simon Dye Senior Lecturer, English Language Teaching, Languages and International Relations; Programme Leader, International Foundation Diploma
Pippa Guard Principal Lecturer, Drama
Simon Hardeman Senior Lecturer, Journalism, and Creative Writing
David Hockham Senior Theatre Technician and Production Tutor
Professor Andrew King Professor of English Literature and Literary Studies
Dr Cecile Laval Programme Leader, Languages and International Relations; French Co-ordinator; Principal Lecturer, French and Second Language Acquisition
Dr Sarah Liszka Senior Lecturer, Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition
Dr John Morton Senior Lecturer, English Literature
Dr Natasha Oxley Lecturer in Drama
Dr Corinne Palmer-Brown Academic Manager for English Language (CAROLE)
Dr Zoë Pettit Head of Department
Dr Alex Pheby Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for Creative Writing
Dr Claire Sheridan Lecturer, English Literature
Cherry Smyth Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing
Adeola Solanke Lecturer, Creative Writing
Dr Katarina Stenke Lecturer in English Literature
Bob Tsukada Bright Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, International Foundation Programme with Cultural Studies, English Language Teaching
Jillian Wallis Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, Drama
Dr Xin Wang Lecturer, Second Language Acquisition and Chinese
Dr Daniel Weston Senior Lecturer in English Literature; Programme Leader, MA Literary London
Dr Jennifer Young Lecturer in English Literature (Early Modern)

Mathematical Sciences

Staff List | University of Greenwich
Academics/Researchers Job title
Mr Md Mominul Ahsan Researcher
Professor Christopher Bailey Professor
Mr Christopher Beckwith Researcher
Mr Darren Blackshields Researcher
Dr Valdis Bojarevics Reader - Research
Ms Noel-Ann Bradshaw Senior Academic and Faculty Director, Employability
Mr David Cooney Researcher
Dr Andre Da Silva Ribeiro Researcher
Dr Steven Deere Researcher
Dr Georgi Djambazov Researcher
Dr John Ewer Researcher
Mr Lazaros Filippidis Researcher
Mr Ian Frost Researcher
Dr Yvonne Fryer Senior Lecturer
Professor Ed Galea Professor and Fire Safety Research Group Leader
Mr Teddy Gan Researcher
Dr Erwin George Senior Lecturer
Mr Francisco Granados Ortiz Researcher
Dr Angus Grandison Researcher
Mr Simo Haasanen Researcher
Dr Lynn Hulse Researcher
Dr Fuchen Jia Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrew Kao Researcher
Mr Natkunam Kokulan Researcher
Professor Choi-Hong Lai Professor and IMA liaison and Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit Leader
Dr Steve Lakin Senior Lecturer
Dr Peter Lawrence Reader - Research
Dr Gerard Lebon Researcher
Dr Hua Lu Reader - Research
Mr Tony Mann Senior Academic and Director, Greenwich Maths Centre
Dr Anton Manoylov Researcher
Dr Mary McAlinden Head of Department
Dr Ana-Paula Palacios Senior Lecturer
Professor Kevin Parrott Professor
Professor Mayur Patel Professor and Director of Internationalisation and Partnerships
Professor Koulis Pericleous Professor and Post Graduate Tutor and Computing Science and Engineering Research Group Leader
Mr Dick Quibell Visiting Lecturer
Dr Pushparajah Rajaguru Researcher
Dr Nadarajah Ramesh Senior Lecturer
Dr Timothy Reis Senior Lecturer
Mr Gary Sharp Researcher
Mr Asim Siddiqui Researcher
Dr Konstantinos Skindilias Senior Lecturer
Dr Alan Soper Senior Lecturer
Dr Stoyan Stoyanov Reader - Research
Dr Nadia Strusevich Lecturer
Professor Vitaly Strusevich Professor and Statistics Research Group Leader
Mr Shih-Hau Tan Researcher
Ms Alison Terry Senior Academic and Further Maths Support Programme Area Coordinator
Dr Tim Tilford Researcher
Dr Catherine Tonry Researcher
Dr Anand Veeraswamy Researcher
Dr Zhaozhi Wang Researcher
Dr Hui Xie Researcher
Dr Chunyan Yin Lecturer