Publications and reports History Research Group

This is a small selection of recent publications from the group.

Further publications can be found on staff members' individual pages and in the Greenwich Academic Literature Archive (GALA).

Dr June Balshaw

Balshaw, J. (2010) Memories of War: New Narratives and Untold Stories. Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, 16 September -15 October 2010. [Internet] Available from:

Professor Chris Bellamy

Bellamy, C. (2011) The Gurkhas: Special Force. London: John Murray

Dr Andrew Dawson

Dawson, A. (2009) Strikes in the Motion Picture Industry. In: Brenner, A., Day, B., Ness, I. eds., The Encyclopedia of Strikes in American History. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe. p. 652-664.

Dawson, A., Holmes, S. eds. (2012) Working in the Global Film and Television Industries: Creativity, Systems, Space, Patronage. Bloomsbury Academic.

Dawson, A. (2012) "Challenging Lilywhite Hollywood: African Americans and the Demand for Racial Equality in the Motion Picture Industry, 1963-1974", In: Journal of Popular Culture 45, (3).

Dawson, A., Holmes, S. (2013) " 'Help to Preserve the Real Story of Our Cinema and Television Industries': The BECTU History Project and Constructing the Past, 1986-2010", In: Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television.

Dr Sandra Dunster

Dunster, S. (2009) "Landowners and Industrialists". In: Hann, A. ed. The Medway Valley: a Kent Landscape Transformed, Phillimore.

Dunster, S. (2012) The Medway Towns: Rover, Docks and Urban Life, Phillimore.

Dr Mary Clare Martin

Martin, M.C. (2009) "Marketing religious identity: female educators, Methodist culture and eighteenth-century childhood". In: Educating the Child in Enlightenment Britain: Beliefs, Cultures, Practices, Ashgate.

Martin, M.C. (2013) "Roman Catholic Girl Guides in Sussex, 1912-1929: origins, ideology, practice". In: Christian Youth Movements, Paternoster Press.

Martin, M.C. (2013) Free Spirits: Children and Religion, 1740-1870, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Dr Gavin Rand

Rand, G. (2011) "Allied to a Declining Power: The Martial Races in the Second World War". In: Roy, K. ed., The Indian Army in the Two World Wars, Brill.

Rand, G. (2011) "Same difference? Liberalism, modernity and governance in the Indian Empire". In: Gunn S., and Vernon J., eds., The Peculiarities of Liberal Modernity in Imperial Britain, University of California Press.

Rand, G. (2012) "Learning the Lessons of '57: Reconstructing the Imperial Military." In: Bates, C., Rand, G. eds., 1857: Military Dimensions.

Rand, G. (2012) "Witnesses to the end of empire: The Punjab Boundary Force and the partition of India, 1947". In: The Indiaman.

Rand, G. (2012) "Transnational dialogues: Antoinette Burton and the rewritings of British imperial history". In: Journal of Victorian Culture 17 (2).

Rand, G., Wagner, K. (2012) "Recruiting the 'martial races': identities and military service in colonial India". In: Patterns of Prejudice 46 (2).

Dr Vanessa Taylor

Taylor, V., Trentmann, F. (2008) "Hosepipes, history and a sustainable future". In: History and Policy, July 2008. [Internet] Available online at:

Taylor, V., Chappells, H., Medd, W., Trentmann, F. (2009) "Drought is normal: the socio-technical evolution of drought and water demand in the UK, 1893-2006.". In: Journal of Historical Geography, 35 (3), p. 568-91.

Dr Christopher Ware

Ware, C. (2009) Admiral Byng: His Rise and Execution. Barnsley: Pen & Sword.

Ware, C. (2013) "The Growth of Plymouth Naval Base and European Tensions, 1717–32". In: Mariner's Mirror, 99 (3).

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