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Research strategy Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities

The faculty is home to a vibrant, cross-disciplinary, high-achieving academic community, that covers such subjects as diverse as architecture, landscape, construction management, facilities management, film production, digital animation, financial mathematics, robotics, e-business, digital media, embedded systems, games development, forensics, security, computer science, networking, mathematical sciences, law, criminology, performing arts, drama, creative writing, film studies, politics, history, sociology, graphic design, VFX, 3D design, typography, creative practice, international relations, English literature, and English language (including teaching English language).

Supporting and building this community is a key aspiration for the faculty. Our mission is to inspire our students and the wider academic community with proactive, cutting-edge research, grounded in both practice and research, and delivered in conjunction with academic and business partners around the world.
The priorities for research objectives in the faculty are to:

  • Support staff on existing PhD courses to encourage completion
  • Encourage existing research excellence to consolidate our standing for the next Research Assessment Exercise
  • Encourage dissemination by the development of the research website and poster displays of the research projects
  • Provide additional research support to improve the productivity of research active staff
  • Encourage attendance and conferences and meetings in order to raise the Faculty's research profile

The strategy to achieve the above objectives is based upon a programme which encourages staff to:

  • Develop research projects in conjunction with the existing research infrastructure
  • Obtain funding
  • Encourage publications and writing up of research/consultancy activities
  • Enrol on research programmes including PhD programmes

In line with other faculty strategies, key areas of future development include:

  • Our multidisciplinary advantage. We are developing research across traditional boundaries that will be leading- edge and gain esteem
  • Collaboration with other universities, employers and professionals. We have had success in organising research projects in conjunction with existing consultancy, teaching, CPD and staff/student exchange projects.

Thus the faculty's research strategy is to capitalise on the interests and expertise of research-active academic staff, and to encourage the productive channelling of current and future research aspirations into areas of maximum benefit for the school research areas.

Research groups

The faculty has a number of distinct research groups that coordinate activity in specific subjects and specialisms. The most advanced of these are the Greenwich Maths Centre and the Greenwich Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education (CAROLE), but the faculty has numerous other groups all of who support staff in their studies, provide a forum for collaborative partnerships, and provide a platform for bidding for research funding.

Research degrees

The faculty welcomes enquiries and applications from those interested in full- or part-time study for an MPhil or PhD degrees. Our diverse staff base includes expertise in a wide range of subject areas and our tutors are highly experienced in guiding postgraduate students as they develop their own research practice.