Kath Jones

Kath Jones MA, PhD

Kath Jones

Senior Lecturer

Department of History, Politics and Social Sciences

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities


Tel: Ext. 8977

Email: K.Jones@gre.ac.uk

Room: KW335

Office Hours: Mondays 2-3pm


Kath Jones joined the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at Greenwich in 1999, having previously taught at University College Cork, Ireland. Kath was promoted to senior lecturer in 2004 when she also took over the programme leadership of the BA Philosophy. She has an MA (distinction) in Philosophy from De Paul University in Chicago and was awarded a PhD from the University of Warwick, with a thesis was on Kant and the Philosophy of Desire.

Her most recent work has been concerned with developing Blooming Minds, a philosophy programme for children, which introduces philosophical inquiry to children at a number of local primary schools, and trains students and teachers in the provision of philosophy for children. In addition to the Blooming Minds website, Kath is working on a number papers exploring the theoretical issues raised by the practice of philosophy for children practices and the teaching of philosophy in general.

Kath develops and delivers courses at all levels in the BA programme. Her current first year work includes introductory courses covering critical reasoning skills, debate, and formal logic. She also teaches a unit on Descartes Meditations. At second and third year, her courses include units on the empiricist philosophers Berkeley and Hume, Plato's Socratic dialogues, Aristotle's Rhetoric, Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations, Philosophy of psychiatry and the history of madness. Kath runs a seminar on philosophical pedagogies within the School to support the philosophy placement scheme which she coordinates. She has in the past taught courses on a range of philosophical themes, issues and thinkers, including Freud, Foucault, Lyotard, Feminism, Applied Ethics, Surveillance and Gender Theory.


Kath has given papers at numerous conferences and Philosophy departments in the UK, Europe and the USA. She is a member of the executive board of the Society for European Philosophy and the Society for Women in Philosophy.

Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

-Consultant on steering committee for project "Engaging in Ethical Thinking". Brunel University. 2007

National and International Academic and Scholarly representation
-Executive board member, Society of European Philosophy. 2004-2012
-Executive board member, Society for Women in Philosophy. 2002-06

Impact activities
-Founder and co-ordinator of Blooming Minds Philosophy for Children Project.
-Design and delivery of Philosophy for Children classes in numerous schools in SE. London and N. Kent 2008-present.
-Design and delivery of teacher training and CPD provision for primary school teachers in Philosophy in the classroom methodology and practice 2014-present.
-On-going work with Partnership and Widening Participation unity on the above and related initiatives.

Kath's principal research interests are in philosophical methodology and pedagogy, including the work of Plato, Wittgenstein and Lyotard. She is the founder and coordinator of the Blooming Minds Philosophy for Children project [www.bloomingminds.co.uk]. She is also interested in the relation between dialectic and rhetoric, engagements between philosophy and psychiatry, and current issues in social and ethical philosophy.

Research Interests
 Philosophy in and of Education, Learning and Pedagogy;
 Reasoning, rhetoric and critical thinking
 Philosophy for/with children and young people
 Philosophy of Mental Health (including psychoanalysis and philosophy of Psychiatry.
 Plato (dialectic and method)
 Wittgenstein (Investigations)
 Contemplative practices and traditions


Guest Editor of Special Issues:
Editor and Contributor to Mapping Woman, a feminist philosophy special edition of the Journal of Philosophy and Literature. 1996.

Journal articles
'n Sexes' in 'Complexity' edition of Journal of Philosophy and the Visual Arts. 1997.
'The Kantian Archipelago: A Visit to the Travel Agents' in the Journal of Philosophy and Literature. 1996.
'Lyotard and the Sensus Communis" in Warwick Journal of Philosophy and Literature. 1995.

Book chapters
'Exposing Community: Towards a dynamics of Commercium' in The Matter of Critique: Reading's in Kant's Philosophy. Edited by A. Rehberg and R. Jones. Clinamen Press, Manchester, 2000.
'Sex, Gender and identity' in the Social Philosophy Reader. Edited by T. O'Connor. UCC Press. 1997.
'Modernity, Irony and the return of the Subject' in Reconstructing Foucault. Edited by Alfonso Bisini. Rodopi Press. 1996

Papers in progress
Autonomy and the Phenomenology of Resistance
A Question of Method: contemporary pedagogical practice

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Invited/Keynote Speaker:
"A Question of Method" Philosophy PSS Conference. University of Leeds. 2015.
"Dialogue and the Community of Inquiry in Philosophy for Children." Engendering Dialogue: Education and Feminism Conference. University of Dundee. 2012.
The Socratic Method in Philosophy for Children. Brighton University. Jan 2011.
"Philosophical method" Royal Institute of Philosophy Spring series. 2006. University of Roehampton.
"Surveillance, Power and the State" WEA London. Summer 2004.
"The Philosophy of Surveillance" Kant's Cave seminar series. Philosophy for All & The Philosopher's Magazine. London. February 2004.
"Lyotard and The Inhuman" Manchester Metropolitan University. November 2003.
"Lyotard and The Politics of Community" Trinity College, Dublin. 1999.
"Gender Dysphoria and Transsexuality" Women Speak Out Workshop, Brixton, London. 1998.
"Gender Identity and the Philosophical Subject" Dundee University. 1998
"Kant and the Political Subject" University College, Dublin. 1997.

Conference Papers:
"Philosophy for Children in Practice: The Blooming Minds Project" at PSS Conference. University of Leeds. 2015.
"Method and Maturity in Philosophical Inquiry". Society for European Philosophy Conference. Sussex University. August 2009.
"Lyotard, Agamben and the Differend" Society for European Philosophy, University of Dundee, 2006.
"Lyotard and Resistance" Society for European Philosophy, University of Greenwich, 2004.
"Lyotard's Inhumans" International Association of Philosophy and Literature, University of Leeds. 2003.
"Surveillant Simulation and the Society of Control" Society for European Philosophy, National University of Ireland at Cork, Ireland. 2002.
"Surveillance Power" International Association of Philosophy and Literature, Spellman College, Atlanta, USA. 2001.
"Foucault and Surveillance Culture" Society for European Philosophy, Middlesex University, London, 2000.
"Surveillance Culture" British Phenomenology Society summer conference, University College, Cork. 2000.
"Lyotard's Political Philosophy" Panel paper, Society for European Philosophy Conference, Anglia Polytechnic University. 1997.
"Nancy on Being-in-Common" Panel paper, Community 2000, UCC. 1999.
"Community and the Sensus Communis?" Panel paper, Society for European Philosophy Inaugural Conference, Lancaster University. 1997.
"The Body and the City" Body Matters Conference. Hull. 1997.
"Individuation and Totalization in Being-in-Common" Jean-Luc Nancy Conference. University of Warwick. 1996.
"Future Bodies" Virtual Futures Conference. University of Warwick. 1996.
"Irigaray and Imaginary Bodies" S.W.I.P. University of Warwick. 1994.
"Kant's Transcendental Subject" I.A.P.L. University of Pittsburgh. 1993.

Conference Organisation
Teaching the Teaching of Philosophy for Children. HEA fund conference and workshop. University of Greenwich. 2012.
Society for European Philosophy annual Conference at the University of Greenwich 2004. On Resistance Philosophy of Community Conference series at the University College Cork. Ireland. 1996-99.
Irigaray colloquium at University College Cork. 1999.

Media Outputs
CPD video resources currently being produced for provision purposes on the Blooming Minds collaboration process.

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