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Staff Profiles - Law and Criminology Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities

Name Job title
Sarah Adamson Lecturer in Criminology
Stacy Banwell Principal Lecturer in Criminology
Farhana Begum Senior Lecturer in Family Law
Jerome Chan Lecturer in Law
Sandra Clarke Head of Department
Kim Everett Principal Lecturer in Law
Alexandra Fanghanel Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Michael Fiddler Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Sally Gill Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Legal Advice Centre
Kirsten Guindi Senior Departmental Administrator
Steven Haines Professor of Public International Law
Lynne Hanmore Senior Lecturer in Law
Louise Hewitt Lecturer in Law
Johanna Hoekstra Lecturer in Law
Leonie Howe Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Kristian Humble Principal Lecturer in International Law, LLB Programme Leader
Ben Hunter Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Darrick Jolliffe Professor of Criminology
Hannah Jordan Departmental Administrator
Maria Kaspersson Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Sarah Kilbane Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Celso Lopez Employability Officer
Olga Martin-Ortega Reader in Public International Law
Linnéa Osterman Lecturer in Criminology
Opi Outhwaite Senior Lecturer in Law
Chris Pawlowska Senior Lecturer in Law
Mark Pawlowski Professor of Property Law
David Phillips Lecturer in VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments)
Edward Phillips Principal Lecturer in Law
Shuab Rahman Departmental Administrator
Isobel Renzulli Lecturer in Law
Dragana Spencer Senior Lecturer in Law
Camille Stengel Lecturer in Criminology
Richard Wild Principal Lecturer in Criminology
Carol Withey Principal Lecturer in Law
Giulia Zampini Lecturer in Criminology

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