Leonie Howe


Dr Leonie Howe joined the School of Law at University of Greenwich in 2005.

School administrative and supervisory responsibilities

  • Criminology Disability Support Tutor
  • Dissertation, BA and MSc students

Professional and academic associations

  • British Society of Criminology
  • CrimNet (University of Sydney)
  • British Journal of Forensic Practice (co-editor 2006–08)
  • StopWatch

Research/scholarly interests

Leonie's main areas of interest are comparative criminal justice, coronial reform, deaths and self-injury in custody, honour killing and race and crime

Selected publications

  • Mackay, R.D., Mitchell, B.J., and Howe, L. (2007) A continued upturn in unfitness to plead – more disability in relation to the trial under the 1991 Act. Criminal Law Review, July 2007, pp. 530–45.
  • Mackay, R.D., Mitchell, B.J., and Howe, L. (2006) Yet more facts about the insanity defence. Criminal Law Review, 5(31), July 2006, pp. 399–411.
  • Memorandum Submission made to the Joint Committee Inquiry into Human Rights and Deaths in Custody: Interim Report, Session 2003–04, pp. 133–43.
  • Howe, L. (2002) Review of Child Victims of Homicide. In: Adler, C. and Polk, K. (eds.) British Journal of Forensic Practice, 4(4), November 2002.
  • Howe, L. (2001) Mandatory sentencing: a death sentence in the Northern Territory? In: Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 12(3), pp. 376–81. Sydney Law School.
  • Assisted on an ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) submission to the Human Rights Commission on Mandatory Sentencing in the Northern Territory (2000).
  • Howe, L. (2000) Deaths in police custody – health versus discipline. British Journal of Forensic Practice, 2(1), April 2000, pp. 31–35.