Asim Siddiqui

After completing my MSc by Research (Computer Science) from the University of Greenwich, I joined the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) in 2000 and currently working as a Research Fellow. During this time I worked on various projects including the AASK Database and the high profile World Trade Center (WTC) Evacuation Study projects and contributed to over 10 research papers. In addition to my main research duties including work on a number of in house projects, I also supervise projects of undergraduate and postgraduate students. In the past, I also worked as a tutor for a number of years mainly teaching database courses.

In Jan 2012, I started my part-time PhD also with FSEG. I will be investigating integration and use of Fire Safety Engineering with Building Information Modelling (BIM) to work in Smart Building Management System.


BSc(Hons) Computing Science
MSc by Research (Computer Science