Lazaros Filippidis

Mr Lazaros Filippidis is a member of the Fire Safety Engineering Group of the University of Greenwich since 1996.

He is involved in the research and development of the EXODUS evacuation models. He has worked on numerous large scale projects including, the EU funded Framework 5 projects FireExit and VELA, Framework 6 projects AVATARS and NACRE and the Framework 7 project BESECU and SAFEGUARD. He is currently involved in work for the Framework 7 project IDIRA and to a lesser extend for project GETAWAY. For some of these projects he assumed managerial roles.

His work on these projects includes the design and implementation of very large full-scale evacuation experiments for data collection, model development and validation protocols for the aviation, built and maritime industries. His key research interests include adaptive behaviour of people to stimuli such as alarm systems, instruction from others, signage, reaction to fire, etc.

Mr Filippidis has a main role in the annual Principles and Practice of Evacuation Modelling short course that attracts an international audience of professionals working in the fire safety field. As part of his teaching role he is also responsible for the preparation and delivery of short courses in other countries and institutions. The courses cover all aspects of fire safety engineering and human behaviour in emergency and circulation situations.

A paper that Mr Filippidis co-authored has been awarded the Jack Bono Engineering Communications Award from the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (2007) and a further two that he co-authored have been awarded the Hodgson prize from the Royal Aeronautical Society (1998 and 2002).