Simo Haasanen

Simo Haasanen is currently studying for a PhD.

Simo Haasanen joined the Fire Safety Engineering Group ( on 2008 and has written several software programs that are in use today:
* vrEXODUS, a graphics post-processor that creates animated 3D representations of EXODUS ( generated simulations (
* askEXODUS, a tool designed to assist in the analysis of large data output files, produced from multiple EXODUS simulation runs. askEXODUS is bundled as part of EXODUS software suite (
* FSEG_VALIDATOR_ACCESSOR, a validation metric evaluator (
* and a number of internal tools not available to public.

He has also recently been involved in the development of a virtual reality representation of an evacuation model designed specifically for the rail environment funded by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).