Daniel Peyron Business School

Daniel Peyron has been the Director of La Rochelle Business School, since 2001.

A graduate of the "ESC Bordeaux", (Bordeaux Business School), he started his career in industry, firstly with Schlumberger and then in the heart of L'Oreal, as a finance controller.

In 1976, he participated in the creation of "INSEEC, Bordeaux" (The Institute of Higher Education for the study of Economics and Commerce) and in the development of the institution, of which he was director until 1989, notably committing himself to the development of an original educational approach. He also taught finance at the University of Bordeaux 1.

His dedication to pedagogic issues drove him to found and manage "Acadis", a new concept for an international high school, notably proposing different scholarly formats and a pedagogic approach, which was "active and open", orientated towards the realization of self, across a very large range of "academic" activities, which offered opportunities for experience and personal development.

In 1996 he created a consultancy company specializing in "Developmental and Pedagogic Engineering". He accompanied, amongst others, the "ESC Saint-Etienne", of which he was invited to become director, in 1998. There he reformed the pedagogical structure and managed the group until 2001.

As the head of "La Rochelle Business School, Groupe Sup de Co", for the last 10 years, he has engaged in the development of programs (creation of the, "La Rochelle Business School of Tourism") and has provided the school with a pedagogic project, reflecting the assets of the surrounding territory, which are those of tourism and sustainable development. A transversal program, "Humacite", was initiated in 2006, which today gives La Rochelle Business School an innovative and differentiating pedagogic position among elite French Business Schools.

Daniel Peyron is otherwise in the process of being trained as a "TedQual" auditor, working alongside the World Tourism Organisation/ UNWTO, for the improvement of the quality of educational programs, in training and research, in tourism.

Daniel Peyron, Director of La Rochelle Business School