Sotiris Kyriacou Business School

Sotiris is a senior qualified accountant with fifteen year experience of health service finance. Four of these years have been working at Deputy Finance Director Level. He is very experienced in human resource development. Together with his postgraduate studies, he was able to accomplish five years of high achievement at National NHS level.

Currently he is the chair of the National Finance Skills Development Network in the NHS. He has responsibility to develop all finance staff in the whole English Health Service, totalling 16,000 finance professionals. The role involves leading and developing national strategy, as well as managing the implementation of national projects.

As the Head of Finance Development and Professionalism for London, Sotiris provides executive development support across 80 trusts in London. In addition, he is the Senior Development Lead for the London Leadership Academy leading innovation on coaching and mentoring.

He is an internationally recognised coach and mentor, having obtained accreditations by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Associate Certified Coach (ACC). He has coached at many levels and with varied clients, including directors, senior managers and clinicians both within and outside the NHS. He also ran an individual life coaching practice.

Sotiris Kyriacou, Head of Finance Development and Professionalism,

UCLH NHS Foundation Trust