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Markets are not just for Christmas

Struggling town centres should turn to their local markets as a source of distinctiveness and identity, according to new research from the University of Greenwich.

Date of release: Tuesday, December 18 2018

Ditch “clone towns” to save the high street

“Town centres go for a ‘me too’ approach and we end up with people trying to create an open air shopping centre,” high street expert Dr Andres Coca-Stefaniak told Parliament this week.

Date of release: Wednesday, September 12 2018

Enterprise Challenge final

The university's Enterprise Challenge final takes place on Wednesday 23 May. It is an opportunity for students and recent graduates to commercialise their business idea. The finalists will pitch to win £5,000 towards running their business.

Date of release: Monday, May 21 2018

Enterprise Challenge final

The university’s Enterprise Challenge final takes place on Wednesday 23 May.

Date of release: Friday, May 18 2018

£2.3bn to £2.5bn compensation estimated for SPV shareholders: new paper by University of Greenwich

A new working paper by the University of Greenwich’s Public Sector International Research Unit (PSIRU) estimates that the cost of compensating the shareholders of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) on HM Treasury database at book value could be between £2.3bn and £2.5bn.

Date of release: Friday, May 4 2018

Expert coaching research earns prestigious support

Two University of Greenwich Business experts have won research funding from the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, part of Harvard University.

Date of release: Monday, April 16 2018

Greenwich project awarded special status by EU

A project which looks at new approaches to managing tourism destinations, which the University of Greenwich is a key partner of, has been selected as a contributor to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Date of release: Monday, February 5 2018

‘Shaping the agenda’: Research & Enterprise Training Institute launches at Greenwich

Achieving excellence is among the aims of the University of Greenwich’s new Research & Enterprise Training Institute.

Date of release: Thursday, December 7 2017

Post-Brexit Britain: Greenwich lectures lead the debate

Brexit and what it means for the future of the United Kingdom is the subject of a major new lecture series taking place at the University of Greenwich.

Date of release: Wednesday, December 6 2017

Greenwich research on National Living Wage presented to government

Research by the university’s Work and Employment Research Unit (WERU) forms part of a report by the Low Pay Commission, an independent body that recommends the rates of the National Minimum Wages, including the National Living Wage, to government.

Date of release: Tuesday, December 5 2017

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