Date of release: Monday, July 20, 2015

Darren Robson

Among others, these type of self-doubting questions often ascend from the very large ocean of uncertainty, located in the minds of young students today. However, Academia is only one of the many elements of a degree, employability is just as, if not more important. 

Take Darren Robson for example, his academic background was considered below average. Darren is a real example of how being an average student does not have a bearing of your career success. With the right attitude, drive and determination, you can still go on to study a degree.

"When I was younger, I think my best grade was a D, everything else was were E, Fs and G's and, well, it was a pretty poor… I then went on from 17 onwards to do a City & Guilds qualification, followed by A Levels at college. I then studied at the University of Greenwich."
Our alumnus Darren gained valuable work experience at various companies, including Deloitte. He is now able to combine his theoretical knowledge, gained from his degree with a business acumen, helping him run; not one, not two, but three different organisations. One of the three organisations includes Ministry of Entrepreneurship and is considered Darren's most personal contribution.

"What's your dream? Everyone's got a dream. Dare to be different. If you truly believe that you're an entrepreneur you've got to go for it." – Darren Robson

Part of the social enterprise family, Ministry of Entrepreneurship is a charity that provides coaching, mentoring, training, and entrepreneur challenges to young people. Since its launch in 2012 the organisation has gifted over £600,000 worth of development and training to over 220 young people in the UK. If that's not impressive enough, the icing on the cake is that the organisation has also built a chicken farm in Tanzania.

"Ministry offers is a five day skills based training for young people to become a professional coach or to develop life skills. Then we've also got a three day entrepreneur boot camp which really kicks the tyres on young people's ideas to set up a business and then what we can do is go on to help them build it."

Darren's story is a personal one, after losing his mother in 2000, he was driven to set-up a foundation that helps young people like himself, who grow up in loss fortunate circumstances, don't have the best academic record, but need that extra push to enter a journey geared towards success.

Here at the University of Greenwich where Darren completed his undergraduate degree, employability is one of the main focuses for our students. Whether it is in business or any other industry, university can give you the platform and opportunities to make a name of yourself and make your dreams, however big they are, a reality.

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