Date of release: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bloomberg Institute is the educational branch of Bloomberg LP, a multinational mass media corporation. Bloomberg's expertise and partnership with premier financial institutions was leveraged to develop the Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) aimed at helping students and recent alumni connect with financial employers worldwide.

The BAT covers a range of subjects that evaluate financial knowledge and aptitude as well as career skills. Students who take the BAT uncover their strengths on various subjects and gain insight into which areas of finance may suit them best.

All Business School students at the University of Greenwich were invited to take the test. In the weekly update, University of Greenwich ranked first amongst 981 universities in 80 countries where the BAT was conducted. We had 92 participants taking the test and we are hoping to increase this every year. In the overall ranking at the end of the term, University of Greenwich ranked third globally!

Melissa Mitchell who has worked closely with the universities to organise these tests said, "it has been a pleasure working with the Business School of the University of Greenwich throughout 2012. With the help of our University Partners around the world, we were able to offer the BAT to over 50,000 students this year. As we approach 2013 there is already a huge demand from students for BAT sessions on campus. We will continue to offer the BAT free of charge throughout 2013 and would be delighted to make this opportunity available for your students once again."

Katharina Greve, team leader for Bloomberg Ambassadors says, "the BAT is a unique opportunity for students to showcase skills and abilities relative to their peers around the world. Greenwich students take the BAT because it furnishes them with important access and opportunities to companies around the world which they would not be able to attain through ordinary applications. Taking the BAT exposes them to unique and unexpected internships and job opportunities beyond national boundaries that match their knowledge and skills exactly to an employer's needs."

Sarah Sheikh from the Business School Employability Office stated that, "we are very proud of all the students who took part in these sessions and hope they will benefit from the knowledge gained throughout the process. The Business School looks forward to working closely with Bloomberg in the near future".

The BAT is certainly on its way to become a great channel for students to not only test their current knowledge, but also to define themselves as valued candidates to employers.

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