Date of release: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

TradingAt university, students gain knowledge and insight to the practices relevant to an industry environment, yet they don't usually develop work experience at the same time. This is no longer the case, as with the MSc in Computational Trading students at University of Greenwich will actually use real working platforms, provided by industry experts.

Traders, economists and financial employers worldwide prepared for the worst as China had its worst trading day in over eight years during Black Monday. China have respond to the falling shares by reducing their lending rates by 0.25% in an effort to calm stock markets after the turmoil. Yet today, further market falls occurred by 1.27%, bringing the total fall to 16% so far this week. (FTSE 100 Index)

For those seeking employment in trading, a new MSc in Computational Trading starting January 2016, ensures the wolf of Greenwich can soon head to the financial district of London. A unique collaboration with Amplify Trading ensure this programme offers students the perfect opportunity to learn key skills through practical experience.

Amplify Trading are a company who often make around $8,000 in two minutes. A company who often provide insights and data to media outlets such as, the BBC. Thus, since their launch in 2006, Amplify continue to make a strong impression on its location - the energetic financial district in Bank.

Kiran Biring a recruiter in the financial sector says, "When we're presented with two different candidates, the commonality is usually an outstanding academic track record. But I think the distinguishing factor would be somebody who can combine that with experience."  

Recruiters like Kiran are on the lookout for students who have a theoretical understanding relevant to an industry, as well as, relevant work experience. Analytical skills required by traders can only be gained through hands-on work experience. That's where the new MSc in Computational Trading bridges the gap, offering a combined learning environment.

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