Date of release: Monday, March 18, 2013

Peter VlachosA wealth of national and international media has featured the views of University of Greenwich business expert Peter Vlachos in recent days.

Peter’s research about local business communities, particularly in Greenwich, and the fate of the British high street features in the article, The small shopkeepers in Greenwich are running out of time, which has been covered by media ranging from the Associated Press, the Huffington Post and Fox News to the Seattle Times and the Toronto Globe and Mail

The piece, by Danica Kirka, reflects on the threat to many local businesses from online shopping, as well as the dangers posed by cut-price competition from giant supermarkets, changing tastes and the ongoing recession. The article concludes that the entire character of the country's cities and towns, whose high streets have attracted retailers for hundreds of years, could change profoundly.

“Our local businesses are very much squeezed,” Peter says. "There just isn't anywhere to turn.” The article also describes how Peter has offered his expertise, and that of the university’s Business School, to local traders.

Peter’s research includes his analysis of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games which, he says, didn’t bring about a business bonanza for Greenwich's Trafalgar Road, situated between two venues in east London.

His study during the Olympics, which saw his team conduct face to face interviews with more than 200 businesses and hundreds of overseas and UK visitors, was also widely reported. It found that only one in five small businesses reported a positive outcome from the Olympic Games, but also revealed that visitors were so impressed they were likely to return to London at another time.

“Many of London’s attractions and businesses experienced a slump during the Games. However, while it may take a while, we expect that word-of-mouth marketing and increased future visits will have a positive impact in the longer term,” he said.

Peter is Head of the university’s London Centre for Event Management. He has more than 15 years’ experience in this industry in both the UK and Canada, while his research interests include culture and entertainment-led urban development and regeneration. He is currently investigating the plight of small business owners in Greece.

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