Date of release: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Professor Dotun AdebanjoAn expert on the British food industry has joined the University of Greenwich as its new Professor of Supply Chain Management.

Dotun Adebanjo led business improvement research and consultancy at Leatherhead Food Research Association, where he helped improve the efficiency of many major food and drinks companies. He also managed the ‘Business Excellence’ self-assessment programme for the UK food industry.

Before joining Greenwich, he spent more than a decade as a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer, at the University of Liverpool’s Management School, specialising in operations and supply chain management. The latter deals with the movement of goods between suppliers, distributors and other parties, across geographical boundaries. His recent research has focused on supply chains in developing economies.

He has also worked as a member of the UK government’s ‘spreading best practice’ taskforce for the Food Chain and Crops for Industry Panel, and as a management expert for the National Food Inspection Authority in the Czech Republic.

Professor Adebanjo says he has a passion for the subject of supply chains, and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and insights with his students. “It can be a complex area but it is a truly fascinating one, and something which affects most of us, whether we realise it or not,” he says.

“A supermarket is a good example of a vast supply chain which involves multiple countries and thousands of companies. Every single item you see on the shelf is part of the chain, and the management of it is a very skilled operation.”

A range of career options are open to students who specialise in this area, he adds, including positions within business planning, forecasting, purchasing and logistics.

Professor Adebanjo’s appointment is part of an ambitious programme of investment by the University of Greenwich in world-class, award-winning research. The university is also building on its track record of strong links with business and a 40 per cent growth in external research income over the last three years.

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Story by Public Relations

Picture: Dotun Adebanjo, Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Greenwich.