Date of release: Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TradingA keen business brain has landed a University of Greenwich student top prize in a prestigious national competition.

Liam Cordrey an International Business & Economics student, came out top in the foreign exchange market challenge at the University Trading Challenge at Kingston Business school. Greenwich's four-person team finished in third place out of 18 overall. 

The contest required the students to demonstrate their ability to trade successfully in the financial markets, as well as to make decisions, analyse data and come up with winning strategies. 

Dr Gabriella Cagliesi, Principal Lecturer in Economics at Greenwich, says: "Our students competed against MBA and MSc students so the challenge this year was more demanding. There were three trading simulations, two on the day plus a month-long trading simulation, which adjusted in real time to world trading news, aimed at testing decision making processes. 

"For the presentation, the teams had to devise hedging strategies for two different scenarios. It was a very intense day and the students were admirable. They prepared diligently every week and made us proud."

The challenge forms part of the university's wider interest in trading and preparing students for careers in the financial services industries. There are plans to launch an MSc in Computational Trading in September 2015.

Greenwich also currently has two student-run trading societies, The Greenwich Investment and Trading Society and the University of Greenwich Trading and Security Society.

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