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Research excellence: results published

The university has performed well in the REF (Research Excellence Framework), the independent national assessment of research in higher education, whose results have been published this morning.

Date of release: Wednesday, December 17 2014

New mentoring partnership with PwC

Date of release: Thursday, January 1 1970

High streets need a more strategic approach to survive, says Greenwich academic

Town and city centres need to offer much more than shopping to meet the expectations of modern consumers, the University of Greenwich and the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) argue in a new national report.

Date of release: Monday, November 17 2014

Report identifies global trend to reverse the privatisation of water

More than 180 cities and communities in 35 countries have taken back control of their water services in the last 15 years, a new report reveals. The report was released today by the Public Services International Research Unit at the University of Greenwich along with the Transnational Institute (TNI), and the Multinational Observatory.

Date of release: Friday, November 14 2014

What will happen if countries carve up the Internet? Students’ research findings revealed at international conference

Everyone will lose from the creation of multiple Internets, but societies with fewest resources and least knowledge are likely to be the biggest losers, according to new findings from four postgraduate students at the University of Greenwich Business School. Developing countries also say that fragmentation of the Internet would lead to increased trading barriers, bureaucracy, and costs.

Date of release: Monday, June 23 2014

Students tag together for successful fundraiser

Date of release: Thursday, January 1 1970

High-achieving students gain insight in Morgan Stanley visit

Date of release: Thursday, January 1 1970

Thousands more apprentices move into higher education: new university research report for government

Thousands more apprentices are progressing into Higher Education, according to new research from the University of Greenwich. The findings were launched this week by the Skills & Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock MP.

Date of release: Thursday, May 15 2014

SMEs must get better at networking, research shows

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) know they must improve their networks and connections to grow their businesses, but do not know how to go about it, according to new university research.

Date of release: Tuesday, May 13 2014

Resilient nature of privacy online examined in book

Online privacy is still alive and thriving, according to a new book co-authored by a University of Greenwich economic sociologist.

Date of release: Wednesday, January 29 2014

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