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Money, life and value: Lord Skidelsky to speak at Greenwich

Eminent economic historian Professor Lord Robert Skidelsky is speaking about the value of money at the University of Greenwich next month.

Date of release: Wednesday, September 28 2016

Impact of migrant labour: Open seminar at Greenwich

The issue of migrant labour forms the subject of a seminar at the University of Greenwich on Wednesday 5 October.

Date of release: Tuesday, September 27 2016

Shadow Chancellor speaking at Greenwich conference

John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, is just one of many high-profile speakers attending a University of Greenwich conference later this week.

Date of release: Monday, September 12 2016

Change, trust and incentives: New book by business expert

Managing and adapting to change in the workplace is the theme of a new book by University of Greenwich lecturer Nic Vine.

Date of release: Friday, August 19 2016

Blacklisting, Bullying & Blowing the Whistle – conference at University of Greenwich

Bullying, blacklisting and whistleblowing are among the themes explored at a two-day University of Greenwich conference next month.

Date of release: Monday, August 8 2016

China and tourism: International conference at Greenwich

The opportunities that China presents for the European tourism industry is among the topics of a major international conference taking place at the university.

Date of release: Friday, July 15 2016

The EU and the case for staying in: Conference at Greenwich

The reasons why the UK should remain in the European Union and the potential impact of a ‘Brexit’ will be discussed on Wednesday 15 June at a conference at the University of Greenwich.

Date of release: Monday, June 6 2016

Meaningful work not created – only destroyed – by bosses, study finds

Bosses play no role in fostering a sense of meaningfulness at work - but they do have the capacity to destroy it and should stay out of the way, new research shows.

Date of release: Friday, June 3 2016

Extended degrees offer alternative route into university

A new range of extended degrees is on offer at the University of Greenwich; applications are being taken now, for courses starting in September.

Date of release: Thursday, June 2 2016

Enterprise hub wins University of Greenwich Business Planning Competition

The first enterprise and study hub in the Netherlands has earned two students the £5,000 first prize in the University of Greenwich Business Planning Competition.

Date of release: Thursday, May 26 2016

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