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Why Europe needs investment: Conference and book launch

The consequences of an EU exit vote for investment in the UK is one of the subjects up for discussion during an international conference at the University of Greenwich this month.

Date of release: Thursday, May 12 2016

Helping whistleblowers to speak out: New national report

A new national report which will make it easier for people to carry out ‘whistleblowing’ – the practice of exposing wrongdoing in the workplace – has been led by University of Greenwich expert Dr Wim Vandekerckhove.

Date of release: Wednesday, May 11 2016

Business School teams up with GSK

Date of release: Thursday, January 1 1970

Research to help towns and cities boost business and create jobs

Towns and cities are missing out on opportunities to build business and create jobs by not recognising the importance of the visitor economy, according to research by tourism experts at the University of Greenwich.

Date of release: Wednesday, April 27 2016

Graduates pitch start-up ideas to win a UK entrepreneur visa

Date of release: Thursday, January 1 1970

Does it pay to work in the public sector? Greenwich seminar, 27 April

Public sector pay and industrial relations during the Coalition and Conservative governments come under scrutiny in a public seminar at the University of Greenwich next Wednesday (27 April).

Date of release: Friday, April 22 2016

Shadow Chancellor to speak at wage-led growth conference

John McDonnell MP, the Shadow Chancellor, is among the speakers at next week’s University of Greenwich conference about the creation of decent jobs and wage-led growth in the UK and Europe.

Date of release: Wednesday, April 20 2016

Public energy would pay for itself in ten years: New report

Moving to a publicly owned energy system in the UK would pay for itself in ten years, according to a report published today (Thursday 14 April) by a University of Greenwich academic.

Date of release: Thursday, April 14 2016

Early careers award for praise at work research

A study which shows praise from the boss is not always a great motivator has earned a Greenwich academic an Early Career Researcher Impact Prize.

Date of release: Wednesday, April 13 2016

MBA conference 2016

Date of release: Thursday, January 1 1970

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