Yvonne Platt Business School

Yvonne Platt

BA Hons Business Management, Founder of 'Yvies Cupcake'

Yvonne Platt

"The University of Greenwich run a business planning competition, it offers students the opportunity to be coached and mentored, to take their ideas and have it turned into a reality."

Being a mature student what made you decide to study a degree?

I've always liked baking, so I thought why not make this a career venture? I went on and did the business management degree. I saw that the degree involved various modules which would give me great exposure for different areas in business. As I was thinking of starting my own business I thought this would be perfect for me.

What did your degree cover?

The business management degree actually covered quite a lot of skills for me. My course touched on finance, marketing, a little bit of PR, value chain management, ethics. It covered quite a range of things, which I think has really helped me with my business now.

What is the business planning competition?

The business planning competition is a yearly event where students can create and present new business ideas to industry expert judges, with the winner receiving some financial support. My entry for the business planning competition was a cupcake bouquet transportation box, I was one of the winners of the competition as well. With my business idea Yvie's Cupcakes is going strong.

Tell us more about Yvie's Cupcakes and what is your role?

Yvie's Cupcakes is a bespoke cupcake company. I'm the proprietor of Yvie's Cupcakes, and what I do is made to order cupcakes, bouquets, for the general public, corporate, any events.

How have the university helped support your new business?

When the university put me in touch with a mentor, he was really good and really instrumental in helping me set up my business. I think, in the early stages, just having his enthusiasm, his drive, and his belief in me, helped me progress to where I am today.