Our experts

Professor Bruce Cronin

Director of the Centre for Business Network Analysis
Parent-subsidiary structures in foreign direct investment, business-governmental relationships and managerial career networks.

Dr Mary-Paz Arrieta Parades

Lecturer in International Business
Business networks; strategic management; industrial organisation; the economics of social networks.

Dr Pi-Chi Chen

Lecturer in International Business
Parent-subsidiary relationships in multinational enterprises.

Dr Guido Conaldi

Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Interpersonal and organisational social networks.

Dr Riccardo De Vita

Principal Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Interorganisational networks in regional clusters; entrepreneurship.

Dr Cecile Emery

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Leadership in social networks, longitudinal networks.

Dr Nicky Garsten

Senior Lecturer in Public Relations
Public relations, government relations, social media 

Dr Sara Gorgoni

Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Foreign direct investments from emerging countries; innovation networks; clusters of SMEs; global value chains.

Dr Katia Iankova

Senior Lecturer in Tourism
Sustainable practices and the use of alternative energies in hospitality and accommodation; climate change and adaptation strategies of tourism and travel industries: trans-border European experiences; youth and the labour market: opportunities and challenges.

Dr Kai Liu

Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Economic sociology; cultural and creative industries; transnational, regional and community based entrepreneurship; internationalisation of HE (particular business and management education); intercultural communication and competence.

Dr Emanuele Lobina

Principal Lecturer
Water service reform; governance and sustainable water development.

Dr Francesca Pallotti

Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Organizational change, routines and inter- and intra-organizational networks.

Dr Birgit Pauksztat

Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour
Employee voice,  social relations and organizational structure.

Dr Nicola Perra

Senior Lecturer in Network Science
Human dynamics, big-data analytics, network science and mathematical/digital epidemiology: the characterization and modelling of dynamical processes unfolding on time-varying and multiplex networks, human adaptive behaviours, data-driven modelling of infectious diseases, the study of online/offline social networks, and centrality measures in complex networks..

Dr Athina Piterou

Lecturer in Sustainability
Relationship between innovation and environmental sustainability; socio-technical transitions area using insights from science and technology studies; application of social network methodology.

Mr Mark Phillimore

Senior Lecturer in Public Relations
Social media; social capital and financial public relations.

Dr Vladimir Popov

Research Fellow
Social network analysis; Russian multinationals and privatisation; corruption and organised crime.

Dr Dorottya Sallai

Lecturer in International Business
The Europeanization process of corporate lobbying and state-firm relations in the European Union.

Dr Matthew Smith

Research Fellow
Corporate Networks in International Investment and Trade 

Dr Antoinette St Hilaire

Lecturer in Management
Ethnicity; interethnic social exchanges; relationship dissolution; cultural minorities social networks in the UK.

Dr Vanina Torlo

Principal Lecturer in Strategic Management
Social network theories in management.

Professor Elizabeth West

Professor of Applied Social Research
Patient outcomes, experiences and involvement in research and commissioning; nursing research; social organisation of caring occupations; social inequalities.

Dr Yuliya Yurchenko

Lecturer in International Business
Global Political Economy; transnational class formation; global policy platforms, lobbies and their role in policy-making; internationalisation/transnationalisation of the state.

Visiting Faculty

Professor Rob Cross -Visiting Professor in Organisational Network Analysis
Leads a consortium of 200 Blue-Chip Global Companies applying network analysis to business problems at the University of Virginia.

Professor Alessandro Lomi  - Visiting Professor in Network Science
Director of the Centre of Organisational Research, University of Lugano

Dr Paola Tubaro - Visiting Fellow in Social Network Analysis
Senior Research Scientist, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) 

Dr David Dekker Visiting Scholar
Multivariate statistical models using network data.

Dr Cornell Jackson - Visiting Lecturer
Ethnographic and archival data in network studies.

Research students

Dawn Foster - Collaborative Online Innovation Networks

Emmanuel Igwe - Social Preferences and Reciprocal Behaviour in Labour Market Relations

Hoang Luong - Squaring the Circle in Modelling Corporate Governance, Market Structure and Innovation: A Tobin's Q Approach to R&D Investment when Network Effects Are Present

Richa Madan - Influencer and Prosumer Dynamics Online

Anna Piazza - Inter-Organisational Relationships and Organisational Performance: Network Analysis Applications to a Health Care System

Yasaman Sarabi - Network Analysis of Private Water Companies, Challenges Collaboration and Competition

Sergey Sosnovskikh - Effective Management in Developing Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation

Timo Van Der Linden - Traders' Behaviour and Social Networks

Srinidhi Vasudevan - Financial Effects of Interlocking Directorships

Feng Zhang - Chinese Corporate Overseas Direct Investment in London


Dr Christos Bassayannis - SAP, Shanghai

Ann Braithwaite - Managing Director, TurquoiseNZ

Dr Cornell Jackson - King's College London

Dr Stefanos Michiotis - Tetras Consulting

Dr Matthew Smith - University of Greenwich

Bankole Olagibaye - London Probation Trust

Centre for Business Network Analysis is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.