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Centre for Business Network Analysis Centre for Business Network Analysis

The University of Greenwich has the largest concentration of business network analysts in Europe. Organisational and economic network analysis is providing powerful insights into the ways people relate to one another within and across organisational boundaries. The techniques allow a rigorous quantification of many aspects of relationships that have previously at best been sensed intuitively.

The Centre for Business Network Analysis is applying the techniques of organisational network analysis to a wide range of business problems, reconceiving individual firms, organisations and markets as structured relationships.

Our experts have published widely and are working on a range of current research projects including knowledge transfer within the creative industries, high-tech industrial clusters, diffusion through networks, enhanced networking with social media, black and minority ethnic career support networks and interorganisational networks in microfinance.

We provide:

  • Presentations to corporate audiences
  • Short courses
  • Training in software and analysis
  • Problem-solving and software consultancy
  • Certified postgraduate courses
  • Commissioned research

YouTube: An introduction to organisational network analysis


  • Jan 8-12, 2018. Hamilton House. CBNA Winter School.
  • Nov 27, 2017, 1pm Hamilton House. Prof. Martin Everett, University of Manchester. Unpacking Burt's constraint measure.

Centre for Business Network Analysis is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.