Our experts Connected Cities Research Group

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Dr Petros Ieromonachou
Director of the Connected Cities Research Group
Urban transport and logistics, urban waste management, urban innovation, business ecosystems

Dr Li Zhou
Reader in Operations Management
Urban logistics, urban waste management, urban system dynamics

Dr Mariya Eranova
Lecturer in Strategic Management
Strategic decision making, managerial cognition, Chinese culture

Dr Chunjia Han      
Innovation management

Dr Yong Lin
Programme Leader & Principal Lecturer
Business eco-systems, logistics

Dr Claire Papaix
Lecturer in Operations and Business Sustainability
Sustainable transport, Mobility and wellbeing

Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos
Senior Lecturer in Transport and Business Logistics
Economic, environmental and social impacts (accessibility, equity, privacy), Urban and regional policy evaluation

Dr Wenxian Su

Connected Cities Research Group is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.