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GPERC experts Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre

Professor Ozlem Onaran, Director of the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre (GPERC); expert in wage-led growth, inequalities, employment, gender

Professor Mehmet Ugur, Deputy Director, Professor of Economics and Institutions; expert in meta-analysis

Dr Anne-Marie Coles, Deputy Director, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management; expert in innovation


Dr Aaron Van Klyton, Principal Lecturer in International Business, expert in Internet governance and ICT development and economic growth in the Global South

Professor Ana Marr, Professor of International Development Economics; expert in interaction between finance, development and poverty reduction

Dr Adotey Bing-Pappoe; Lecturer in International Business and Economics

Dr Alberto Botta, Lecturer in Economics

Dr Gabriella Cagliesi, Principal Lecturer in Economics; expert in international macroeconomics, finance and econometrics

Dr Ian Clarke, Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Enterprise; expert in business development

Mrs Mahkameh Ghanei, Principal Lecturer in Economics; expert in small and medium enterprises and finance

Dr Francesco Guidi, Lecturer in Economics; expert in macroeconomics and financial economics

Dr Tesfa Mehari, Lecturer in International Trade; experts in international development and finance and international macroeconomics

Dr Maria Nikolaidi, Lecturer in Economics; expert in financial fragility, macroeconomic policy, bank regulation and ecological macroeconomics

Dr Cem Oyvat, Lecturer in Economics; expert in development economics, macroeconomics, international economics, income distribution and political economy

Dr Athena Piterou, Lecturer in Sustainability; expert in interaction between socio-technical innovation and sustainability

Dr Tomás Rotta, Lecturer in Economics; expert in political economy, monetary and financial theory, and history of economic thought

Dr Dorotya Sallai, Lecturer in International Business; expert in corporate lobbying and public affairs management, comparative capitalism, strategy and organisational structure, Eastern Europe

Dr Edna Solomon, Senior Lecturer in International Business Economics; expert in foreign direct investment, firm productivity, economic growth and panel data econometrics

Dr Rafael Wildauer, Lecturer in Economics; expert in household income inequality

Postgraduate Research Students

Rosita Aiesha: Domesticating energy efficiency technologies: understanding the 'adopter' user-perspectives of UK homeowners in existing housing

Sherko Burhan: The impact of trade on job losses, wages and inequality in UK manufacturing

Eurydice Fotopoulou (GPERC Research Assistant): The effect of income distribution, gender equality and public spending on growth and employment

Rosemary Gumba

Alexander Guschanski (GPERC Research Assistant): The causes of falling wage share and prospects for growth with equality in a globalised economy

Molly Williamson Jack: Sustainable management of large construction projects

Emmanuel Igwe: Reciprocal behaviour in labour market relations

Minh Hoang Luong: Corporate governance, market structure and innovation: An augmented Tobin's Q model with network analysis for spillovers

Achilleas Mantes (GPERC Research Assistant): Financial fragility, income inequality and industrial structure in Europe

Marius Meijerink

Laura Muncey

Thomas Omachi

Catherine Otene

Harihar Patel: Is there good news in short interest? Some international evidence

Timo van der Linden: Traders' behaviour and social networks: an intra-day data analysis of the exchange rate market, of its manipulation and of its reactions to the news

Associated members

Professor Patrick Ainley, expert in training and education

Dr Sara Gorgoni, Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology, expert in international fragmentation of production

Dr Jane Lethbridge, Senior Research Fellow, developing research on the impact of public sector reforms on the professional development of teachers, nurses and social workers in England

Dr Emanuele Lobina, Principal lecturer in Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU)

Dr Olga Martin-Ortega, Reader in Public International Law, expert in business and human rights, post-conflict reconstruction, transitional justice and international criminal law

Dr Pauline McGovern, Honorary Research Fellow, expert in class relations of civic participation

Dr Jeff Powell, Senior Lecturer in Economics

Dr John Smith, Programme Leader Education Studies

Dr Ernst Stetter (FEPS) Secretary General, expert in economics and political science

Dr Graham Symon, Senior Lecturer in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour; expert in employment policy, local governance, the welfare state and the welfare-to-work policy

Professor Liz West, Director of Research in Psychology, Social Work & Counselling

Dr Yuliya Yurchenko, Lecturer in International Business, PSIRU associate


Dr Thomas Obst

Dr Emeka Okoye

Dr Thi My Hanh Pham: Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity: Evidence from Vietnamese Microdata

Dr Anton Sentic: Dynamics of sustainable transition processes: the example of combined heat and power (CHP) technologies in the United Kingdom

Dr Shanaz Sumra 

Dr Daniele Tori

Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.