Tourism Research Centre

The Tourism Research Centre is a cross-departmental network of academics, researchers and research students who have a particular interest in any aspect of tourism studies. Through a variety of its activities, and in particular through this webpage, newsletter, seminars and workshop series, the Tourism Research Centre:

  • stimulates debate
  • inspires new collaborative and individual research, consultancy and knowledge transfer projects, publications and funding bids among its members
  • attracts PhD study level applicants and students.

The multi-faceted nature of tourism as an academic field of studies is matched by the Centre's cross-faculty composition and existing members' own varied backgrounds, expertise and research interests. The Tourism Research Centre is situated in a UNESCO World Heritage Site within a vibrant and continuously evolving tourism destination and makes good use of this inspiring location.

Past events

Seminar series 1:

  • The politics of representation in the post-Yugoslav space: constructing and projecting identities in official tourism promotional materials, by Dr Tijana Rakić, Dr Senija Čaušević and Dr Donna Chambers
  • The destiny of the communist heritage of Bulgaria and its integration in the tourism industry, by Dr Katia Iankova and Dr Sonia Mileva

Seminar Series 2

  • Travellers in an antique land: Tourism representations in popular (and not so popular) culture (PhD proposal), by Raymond Powell
  • 'I could imagine it all': a preliminary exploration of literary fans as tourists, by Dr Nikki MacLeod

Tourism Research Centre members

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