The International Business & Economics department organizes a weekly research seminar to share research outputs of its members, share ideas for new projects and work in progress, and discuss solutions to better integrate research and teaching.

The seminars gives equal weight to the different disciplinary areas represented in the department and the different orientations of its members, including (but not limited to)

  • Applied economics
  • Political economy
  • International business
  • Social and economic network analysis

The seminars takes place every Wednesday at 4pm (excluding days in which other key departmental activities are scheduled).

All welcome, no registration needed.

Upcoming seminars

Session 15
"Muddled Boundaries of Digital Shrines".
Nathalie Paton (from Aix-Marseille University)
Hamilton Hosue, Room HH103, 18 June 2015

Past Seminars

Special Session 1:
"Securitisation, wage stagnation and financial fragility: A stock-flow consistent perspective", Maria Nikolaidi
"Land inequality, conflict and education: The case of southeastern Turkey", Cem Oyvat (co-authored with Dr.Hasan Tekguc)
"Financialisation in emerging capitalist economies", Jeff Powell
Hamilton House, Room 103, 22 October 2014

Special session 2:
"Subsidiary innovation strategy: Revitalising the integration-responsiveness framework", Pi-Chi Chen
"The role of upgrading in enhancing competitiveness of local firms within SME clusters in global value chains: a network approach"
"Corporate Lobbying in the EU: The missing link in the case of Hungary", Dorottya Sallai
Hamilton House, Room 103, 29 October 2014

Session 3: "Productive Stagnation and Unproductive Accumulation in the US Economy, 1947-2011"
Tomas Rotta (IBE department)
Chair: Ozlem Onaran
Stephen Lawerence building, Room SL103, 12 November 2014

Session 4:"Transnationalisation and neoliberalism: state, capital, and society"
Yuliya Yurchenko (IBE department)
Chair: Anna Yakavenka
Queen Mary building, Room QM369, 4 December 2014

Session 5: "R&D and productivity in OECD firms and industries: A hierarchical meta-regression analysis"
Mehmet Ugur, Edna Solomon, Francesco Guidi and Eshref Trushin (IBE department)
Queen Mary building, Room QM368, 14 January 2015

Session 6: "The contribution of wealth concentration to the subprime crisis: a quantitative estimation"
Photis Lysandrou (Research Fellow at City University Political Economy Research Centre, CITYPERC, and Associate Professor of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies), (co-authored with Thomas Goda)
Chair: Ozlem Onaran
Queen Mary building, Room QM368, 21 January 2015

Session 7: Title tbc
Helen Mercer (IBE department)
Queen Mary building, Room QM368, 4 February 2015

Session 8: "Stories, fables, parables, and myths: Greece and the Euro crisis, toward a new narrative"
Yiannis Kitromilides (London Metropolitan University)
Queen Mary building, Room QM368, 11 February 2015

Session 9: "R&D and firm survival: evidence form UK firms"
Francesco Guidi, Edna Solomon and Mehmet Ugur (IBE department)
Queen Mary building, Room QM368, 11 February 2015

Session 10: "Chinese investment in the Sierra Leone telecommunications industry: an affront to the West?"
Aaron van Klyton (IBE department) and Lakmal Liyanage (MA IBE student)
Queen Mary building, Room QM368, 11 March 2015

Session 11: "Behavioral Insights into Youth Employment Services"
Gabriella Cagliesi (IBE department) and Denise Hawkes (Institute of Education)
Queen Mary building, Room QM368, 18 March 2015

Session 12:"Looking inside interorganizational ties: the dynamics of patient exchange among Italian hospitals"
Francesca Pallotti (IBE Department)
Queen Mary building, Room 368, 1 April 2015

Session 13: "The Lucasian Revolution. An Assessment"
Michel De Vroey (University of Louvain)
Queen Mary building, Room 368, 6 May 2015

Session 14: "What Price for the Human Right to Water?"
Alex Loftus
Queen Mary building, Room 368, 13 May 2015

For further information contact
Dr Paola Tubaro
IBE Department Research Seminar Coordinator