Internships Business School

From Summer 2018, you will be able to undertake an optional summer internship module as part of your undergraduate degree. It is available on all of our Bachelor degrees.

This is seen as an ideal way for you to obtain some valuable employment experience prior to venturing into the graduate job market. 

  • Approved summer internships are a minimum of six weeks, full time work. 
  • Completed either between your 1st and 2nd year of study or between 2nd and 3 year of study.
  • The BSEO provide assistance on applications and interviews.
  • Upon completion of approved summer internships, you will be awarded with a Certificate in Professional Practice.

Credits towards your degree

Some of our degree programmes offer internships that count as credits towards your degree.

MA International Tourism programmes offer a 10 week, (2 days a week) internship scheme. Our aim is to enable students to:

  • Acquire work experience;
  • Develop professional skills;
  • Receive employer feedback;
  • Enhance their communications and networking skills.

Our BA Business Management programme and BA Hospitality Management also include an optional Summer Internship. 

Upon successful completion of relevant criteria, you will be awarded 30 credits towards your degree programme.