Mentoring Business School

This scheme has been set up for students to liaise with professionals from industry for advice on career paths, industry insight, guidance in looking for jobs, support on the application process, and future network contacts. 

  • One to one meetings with a professional
  • It runs for 4-6 months
  • 596 students enrolled in the scheme for 2017-2018 academic year
  • Career focused
  • Mentors from esteemed organisations such as IBM, Ernst&Young, Barclays, PWC, Northern Trust and many more
  • Open to all students within the business faculty

James shares how he became a mentor and explains how the scheme can benefit you. A must read for all students who are interested in improving their skills.

"Mentoring was indeed very concise and motivational for me personally to understand what really to expect from the graduate job market. Thanks to the employability office once again for creating such brilliant opportunity for me."

Sabbir Hossain
BSc Hons Economics

"Me and my mentor alike, hope to and work progressively in making me more employable and aiding my professional development, especially in that I wish to pursue a placement year between the second and third year respectively. Indebted to the University, and more specifically, the Business School for inaugurating such a scheme. Hands on heart, would definitely recommend it."

Nisar Bostan
BA Hons Accounting and Finance