What employers say? Business School

Employers share their thoughts on Greenwich placement students and schemes.

"We started working with the University of Greenwich Business School in 2010. The interns were recruited based on the excellent reputation of the Business School as well as convincing personal interviews and good references. Since our partnership began, students have added first-hand theoretical knowledge to our programme and contributed tremendously by exhibiting professional attitude and mannerism as well as work ethic during their practical work experience. Their warm personalities fitted perfectly into our concept of the Sandals family and they were a valuable addition to our employee pool of different nationalities and cultures."
Marion Weinbeer-Holding
Internship Co-ordinator at Sandals Resorts International
"University of Greenwich's Faculty of Business are an incredible resource for Startup and SME employers alike. Not only are they able to source talented graduates and undergraduates, they help manage an applicant process to ensure seamless onboarding and interviewing of prospective employees and interns. Not only that but they are a pretty fun bunch to work with too!"
Nick Larkins, Head of Talent, Hire Space
"What qualities do I look for in graduates when I am recruiting? I really look for relevant skills first and foremost and secondly their proactive attitude. The Greenwich Employability Passport will help an employer like me identify whether a student is job ready. It allows us to select the most likely candidates to go through."
Trevor Goul‐Wheeker
Chairman of Blackwell Limited
"As the role of universities has evolved the value, they deliver for students is increasingly about the experiences they can offer, the great thing about University of Greenwich's Employability Passport is that it gives students the chance to create valuable experiences for themselves. The points system makes it fun and competitive while ensuring the focus is always on the value of the experience gained. Skills Hive are very proud to be a part of the system, providing opportunities for undergraduates to learn about themselves and learn from our network of business contacts."
Mike Orchard
CEO of Skills Hive Ltd
"Having the opportunity to be a mentor has been fantastic, it not only has allowed me to guide and help another but build a new relationship. I really enjoy mentoring the University of Greenwich students as I have always found them engaging and enthusiastic. It is fantastic to see the transformation of students and to be a part of that process. Having a mentor to be able to talk to is so important in developing your skills and more importantly yourself."
Jessica Sneddon
Storage Software Sales at IBM UK