Beth Scudder Business School

Our Business School Open Day helped Beth decide whether Greenwich is the right choice for her. She shares how she secured work experience with ASOS.


"My favourite memory would probably be getting my first set of results when I first started at the university." 

Beth Scudder
BA Hons Human Resource Management

Why did you decide to study at the University of Greenwich? 

My older sister went to the University of Greenwich before me and I went to her graduation at the Greenwich Campus which was lovely. The setting, the buildings and the campus were lovely, as was Greenwich itself.

I also went to the Business School Open Day and I met a really nice gentleman called Ray. I was talking to him about the opportunities in HR and business studies and he really sold the university to me. The event was a really great day so that sold it to me completely as well.

What's your favourite memory of studying here? 

My favourite memory would probably be getting my first set of results when I started at the university. When I got my results, I was really happy with them. That's probably one of my best memories because I worked hard for it, I pushed myself and I got good grades.

What did you get involved in while you were studying your degree?

I went to quite a few open lectures within the university and in London as well. They were mainly general topics, focusing on business areas and different evolving markets. I also went to networking events while I was applying for placements. They had an army of recruiters come to the university and show us how we can apply.

Did you use any support in general or to help with your interviews?

I had a course called PPD (Personal and Professional Development), and it offers a lot of support with employability. Most of that course was based on how to be a professional individual and how to present yourself at interviews, so that was a really good course to support me to learn how to write CVs, how to write cover letters.

How did you find applying to ASOS for a placement?

I applied to quite a few different companies and at first, I didn't actually know that ASOS has a placement. I've always loved ASOS as a company and I shop there as well so I looked on the website and saw it advertised. I applied and was asked to have a telephone interview, assessment day and skype interview, which I was successful on. 

What advice would you give to students that are currently seeking a placement?

I would give two top tips, and one would be do lots of research on the company and their values. For each CV and cover letter that you do, don't just send a generic one to everyone, be very specific in why you want to work for that company. 

The second one is do a lot of research into the job role, so why you want to do that job role, what got you started, what's your passion for the job role, because that as well is going to show that you have a lot of energy for what you are applying for.

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