Danielle Nanton Business School

Danielle shares how our MA helped her balance family, work and studies with socialising outside classes.


"I've just found everything I've been learning so tangible."

Part-time evening MA Human Resource Management graduate

How are your lectures?

The lectures are really interesting. I've just found everything I've been learning so tangible. I can pick up the information in class and use it to provide a return on investment outside of class as well. There's so many different factors and aspects that lectures really help me with in work and academic life.

How are you finding the balance between working, family and studying?

The classes have actually reinforced my time management abilities. They've made it so I have to manage my time but also effectively manage studying. It's been beneficial for myself learning how to prioritise what's important and make time for school, life and use those hours as effectively as possible.

What about the social side of university life?

I've made some very solid friendships - going to birthday parties and socialising outside of classes. These bonds have really helped in a personal and professional way because a lot of the fellow students are also working in HR. They're aspiring to work in this field so it's a really great network.

What are you hoping that this Master's is going to help you with?

I already have my Level 3 CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualification and I'm currently doing my Master's which is a Level 7 CIPD qualification. 

I'm really hoping to gain that qualification and use it as a benchmark to show in my career that I've reached this high level of education and awareness of HR. Also, it's a Master's which is a higher level of qualification as well. I think it will be great to be able to put that on my CV.

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