Lina Maria Perez Business School

Lina shares how her Erasmus year helped her make long-lasting friendships.

 Lina Maria Perez

"For me Erasmus was a life changing experience, I absolutely loved it."

Lina Maria Perez
BA Hons Business Management graduate

Why did you decide to study at University of Greenwich?

For me, it being a London university was a massive factor. Despite the fact that I lived all my life here in London, I wanted to be closer to home. I wanted to still be able to get all the benefits that you get from living inside London, which for me, it was really job opportunities and all the extra things that you can do here.

Other universities are usually in smaller towns, so the opportunities are less. So really, especially studying business, I wanted to put myself in the heart of the business industry.

How did the university help you in terms of improving your employability skills?

The university helped me a lot when it comes to improving employability skills, by workshops. There are several workshops that are conducted, especially towards the end of your time here at the university, improving your CV, improving your interview skills as well, and you always feel welcome at the business office to discuss any issue that you're worried about, before going and putting yourself for a job. 

I would get constant reminders or updates for new jobs out there, so it's not like I did my degree and I was left, no. Even to this day, a year later, the university still contacts me for job applications. They're really great when it comes to making sure you're up-to-date with what jobs are out there.

What's your favourite memory of studying at Greenwich? 

That would definitely have to be Erasmus. For me Erasmus was a life changing experience, I absolutely loved it and the friends that I've taken away from that were fantastic. I was really pushed academically. It was challenging, being taught, not in a different language but by teachers whose native language wasn't English, but that kind of just added to all the excitement.

What are you up to, now that you've graduated?

I'm now a VIP Relationship Manager for an international business media company. I started off as a Sales Executive, and six months later I was promoted to my role which I'm in now, and I absolutely love it. 

It is business-related, I deal with huge clients. I'm in the banking sector so I deal with all the CEOs and CCOs of retail banks like Santander, HSBC, Barclays, and I do this internationally. So all the retail banks in the world, I speak with.

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