Pedro Moreira Business School

Pedro got involved in a variety of extracurricular activities at university. He shares his excitement of when he was offered a position at Apple.  


"The support that I got from my lecturers outside of seminars helped me obtain the desired grades. I'd definitely say the support is excellent."

Pedro Moreira
BA Hons Business Management

Why did you decide to study at the University of Greenwich?

What  made me choose the university is my degree. It is very much linked to the people management side of an organisation and looks at subjects like cross-cultural management and business ethics. I felt like it would fit my personality more.

What would you say is the best thing about studying here?

The best thing about studying here was the support that I got from my lecturers outside of seminars which helped me obtain the desired grades.

As stressful as it gets sometimes, the support you get from them, makes it much easier to ride the journey. So I'd definitely say the support is excellent.

How did the University of Greenwich help you with improving your employability?

I consulted with the Business School Employability Office quite often, especially when I was trying to get a placement. They really helped me develop my knowledge on how to create a CV and cover letter that stood out.

Without the knowledge that I gained from the consultants, I probably wouldn't have developed my interview skills to what they are today.

What extracurricular activities did you do whilst at university? 

In my first year of university, I was an active member of the Economics and Business Society, so I participated in the regular debates and we went on a trip to the London Metal Exchange and the Bank of England.

In addition, I started getting more active on LinkedIn and wrote blogs about economics, which earned me Employability Passport points. I also attended Big Picture seminars and worked part-time for the university in my second year and throughout my final year.

What are you up to, now that you have graduated?

I was offered a corporate role at Apple, to join a relatively new team that has experienced recent expansion. The company thought that my previous managerial experience, combined with my analytical skills and my ability to speak different languages, would make me a really good fit for the role. Once I had the interview, I only waited approximately a week before I was offered the position. It was pretty exciting!
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