Samantha Lindsley Business School

Sam shares her current placement experience at IBM.


"When I started at University of Greenwich, they were constantly encouraging employability."

Samantha Lindsley

BA Hons Business Psychology

What made you decide to study at University of Greenwich?

I knew I wanted to move to London and study in London, and also my course is quite unique. There's only one other university in the UK that offers my course as opposed to University of Greenwich.

What did the University of Greenwich do to help enhance your employability?

When I started at University of Greenwich, they were constantly encouraging employability through the Employability Passport Scheme and encouraging events, talks and things to go to. The employability team helped me develop my CV much more and pushed me to apply for placements. Now I have a placement at IBM.

What is your current role at IBM?

I currently work in the GBS UKI People Operations team, which is the consulting part of IBM. It is basically back-office HR for dealing with consultants.

What kind of tips would you give to students that are applying for a placement?

Definitely be yourself in your application. I think they read so many different applications from so many different people. You kind of want to be yourself to stand out rather than present just the same old kind of structure. Also, try and go for a company that you're passionate for. If you're more passionate about the company and the products that they sell, then you're definitely more likely to get the job because it comes across.

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