Colin Stevens Business School

Colin, winner of the Best Trader Award in the 2016 National Trading Challenge, tells us about where his interest in trading started from.


"It was nice to know that what I'm actually doing and the career I want to take, I'm actually good at it."

Colin Stevens
BSc Economics with Banking

What is the Trading Challenge?

So it is a University National Trading Challenge. The idea of it is it's broken up into four different challenges. Each one taking on a different area of trading and investment banking.

Where did your interest in trading come from?

I was involved with trading before I came to university. I was effectively running a private investment fund. I got into trading through a game. From there, I went on to a simulator which tracks the S&P 500 and the companies within it. 

After that, I thought, if I can make some money virtually, can I do it for real? So, I opened an account with a broker, and after about 14 months of self-teaching, I opened a live account and I was trading for about six to eight months before I came to university.

How did you hear about the competition and the university's trading society?

I heard about the Trading Challenge through the university on the Open Day. They just covered it in some detail. When I joined the Trading and Investment Society, however, they told me much more about it and showed us what we had to do and I just applied to it to take part.

What do you do in the Trading Society?

We teach people firstly how to technically analyse. We teach them about what security types are out there, we bring up charts, and show how to technically analyse these. After that, we go into fundamentals, and then we take on other aspects of training and try to get trips and guests down to talk about it.

How did it feel winning Best Trader in the competition?

Yes, it was nice to get actual recognition for it. It was nice to know that what I'm actually doing and the career I want to take, I'm actually good at it. It just firms up that this is the career I want to take.

Would you say extra-curricular activities, such as the Trading Challenge, have helped you develop in your degree?

I'd say that the degree is more helping my trading abilities rather than the other way around. For people out there who don't have any trading experience, I would definitely say sign up to one of the trading societies because it's definitely good experience. It's good practice and gives you good knowledge if you want to do that in the future.

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