Paola Tubaro

Dr Paola Tubaro BSc, MSc, PhD

Paola Tubaro

Dr Paola Tubaro
BSc, MSc, PhD

Reader in Economic Sociology, Programme Leader, PhD and Research Degrees, Departmental Research Coordinator

Department of International Business and Economics

Business School

Dr Tubaro has an educational background in both economics and social science, complemented by a PhD in economics and substantial research experience in sociology. Her current research activities are at the crossroads of these disciplines, in the fields of economic sociology, social network analysis and social science data and methodology.

Dr Tubaro conducts research within the Centre for Business Network Analysis at the University of Greenwich's Business School, and is an associate researcher at Centre Maurice Halbwachs of CNRS in Paris.

Teaching and administrative activities

  • Programme Leader , MPhil/PhD and MRes, Faculty of Business
  • Course leader for Research Methods (MRes/MPhil/PhD)
  • Course leader for Business Economics (MSc Business and Financial Economics)
  • Course leader for Doing Research with SNA: Tools, Theories, and Applications (short course)
  • Supervisor of four PhD students


  • 2006: Best PhD Dissertation, awarded by STOREP
  • Co-convenor of the Social Network Analysis Group of the British Sociological Association
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Economic Methodology
  • Former member of the Executive Board of UK Social Networks Association
  • External examiner, Institute of Education, London

Dr Tubaro's main research interest is in the study of social networks. She studies economic behaviours, choices and the construction of personal identities in terms of the structures of relationships that link actors and provide both opportunities and constraints for action. Her research adopts a dynamic perspective, focusing on the incessant evolution of link structure resulting from decisions, actions and identity transformations of individuals.

Part of Dr Tubaro's current research focuses on social ties on the Internet and their implications for social cohesion more generally. Though the expressions 'social networks' and 'social media' are often taken as synonyms, many critics doubt that the web can strengthen social cohesion, sometimes even claiming that it could have the opposite effect. Dr Tubaro's contribution to these debates encompasses : the study of the 'pro-anorexia' and 'pro-bulimia' Web communities; privacy in International social networks; and the effects of online censorship on participation in social movements.

Other research includes the application of social network analysis to the study of economic institutions and markets, relying on embeddedness theory to understand how inter-individual ties organise social and economic actions. Along these lines, Dr Tubaro participated in a study of advice networks and norm formation at the Commercial Court of Paris; a comparative analysis of microfinance lending networks in three emerging countries; and a study of the effects of patient transfer networks on hospital performance.

Her interests also lie within the methodology of the social sciences, with particular attention to data-related issues. Dr Tubaro has participated in three European projects, one of which is still in progress, to improve use of official statistical data for scientific purposes, aiming to address researchers' increasing need for large, high-quality databases while still meeting stringent ethical and legal conditions.

Selected projects:

  • ‘Ana-mia’ sociability: An online/offline social networks approach to eating disorders.

    A study of the personal networks, online and face-to-face, of users of eating-disorders related websites, forums and blogs. The study, funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche, adopts a multi-method approach, using web cartography, online surveys, social network analysis and computer simulation tools, to draw scientific conclusions and derive policy guidelines for health authorities.
  • Internet censorship and civil unrest

    An empirically-informed agent-based computer simulation approach to understanding whether and how use of social media, and censorship thereof, may change the patterns of civil unrest, and to identify suitable policy responses.
  • Testing the ‘End of Privacy’ hypothesis in computer-mediated communication: an agent-based modelling approach>

    An agent-based computer simulation approach of how online social networking sites are changing perceptions of privacy, the ensuing business opportunities and challenges, resulting societal issues and policy guidelines. Funded by Fondation Cigref.
  • Data without Boundaries

    A European FP7-funded project involving 28 partner institutions across the continent to identify ways to improve access to official statistical data for social science research, and test pilot solutions.

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