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Dr Paola Tubaro BSc, MSc, PhD

Paola Tubaro

Dr Paola Tubaro
BSc, MSc, PhD

Visiting Fellow

Department of International Business and Economics

Business School

Dr Paola Tubaro has an interdisciplinary background, with a PhD in economics and substantial research experience in sociology. At the crossroads of these disciplines, her research spans the fields of economic sociology, social networks, data science and methodology.

Dr Tubaro is a senior research scientist at CNRS, Paris, France, and was previously a Reader at the University of Greenwich.

Teaching and administrative activities

  • Supervisor of three PhD students

    2015: Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK

    2006: Best PhD Dissertation, awarded by STOREP, Italy

  • Co-convenor of the Social Network Analysis Group of the British Sociological Association.
  • Co-organiser of the Second European Social Networks Conference (EUSN 2016), Paris, 14-17 June 2016.
  • Member of the Associate Boards of the journals Sociology and Revue Française de Sociologie.
  • External examiner, University College London - Institute of Education, London.
  • External member of the doctoral studies committee in the department of economics of the University of Insubria, Italy.
  • Invited Professor, University of Toulouse, France (2015).
  • Former member of the Executive Board of UK Social Networks Association.

Dr Tubaro's research interest lies in the study of big data, the digital economy, and social networks.

Substantively, her work investigates the opportunities and challenges that arise in today's renewed data landscape (the "data deluge") for citizens, governments, companies, and society as a whole. For example, she has studied problematic speech online (in the case of "pro-ana" web communities), the effects of internet censorship, and privacy on the internet.

Methodologically, she contributes to developing methods of data collection, visualization and analysis that improve social scientists' capacity to understand and interpret reality. Today, as member of a major computer science centre specializing in machine-learning data analysis techniques, she is exploring the potential of these methods to enrich the toolkit of the social scientist.

Policy-wise, she has participated in initiatives to build infrastructures to facilitate access to, and sharing of, socioeconomic data for scientific purposes, most recently through a major European FP7 project, Data without Boundaries.

Dr Tubaro is currently researching the "collaborative economy" of data-intensive digital platforms and how they create value from the social ties in which economic action is embedded.

Selected projects:

  • 'Ana-mia' sociability: An online/offline social networks approach to eating disorders.
    A study of the personal networks, online and face-to-face, of users of eating-disorders related websites, forums and blogs. The study, funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche, adopts a multi-method approach, using web cartography, online surveys, social network analysis and computer simulation tools, to draw scientific conclusions and derive policy guidelines for health authorities.
  • Internet censorship and civil unrest
    An empirically-informed agent-based computer simulation approach to understanding whether and how use of social media, and censorship therefore, may change the patterns of civil unrest, and to identify suitable policy responses.
  • Testing the 'End of Privacy' hypothesis in computer-mediated communication: an agent-based modelling approach>An agent-based computer simulation approach of how online social networking sites are changing perceptions of privacy, the ensuing business opportunities and challenges, resulting societal issues and policy guidelines. Funded by Fondation Cigref.
  • Data without BoundariesA European FP7-funded project involving 28 partner institutions across the continent to identify ways to improve access to official statistical data for social science research, and test pilot solutions.

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