Bean Miller Business School

Bean shares the benefits of postgraduate study and why she picked a strategic marketing degree. She enjoyed the hands-on approach and still keeps in contact with her lecturers.

Marketing student 

"Postgraduate study explores what you actually want to be doing in your career. It gives you credibility with your employer."

Bean Miller
MA Strategic Marketing

Why did you choose to study your postgraduate degree at the University of Greenwich? 

The university offered the specific type of programme I was looking for. It also had a campus atmosphere and smaller class sizes which offered more one-on-one time with lecturers.

What did you like most about studying at the Business School?

I enjoyed the hands-on approach to courses. The lecturers gave us the foundation we needed to succeed, but it was up to us to implement that knowledge and apply it to our coursework.

What can you tell us about your lecturers? 

All of our lecturers were very accessible and genuinely wanted us to succeed. I have kept in touch after graduation, and they still offer their support and guidance.

What interested you most about your programme? 

I was looking for a specialist programme rather than a broader marketing degree or an MBA. Strategic marketing was an area that always interested me. I wanted to study consumers and learn about how and why they chose particular brands and products. The classes really focused on this.

What are the benefits of postgraduate study? 

Postgraduate study is an in-depth exploration of what you actually want to be doing in your career. It gives you credibility with your employer and demonstrates that you have a deeper understanding of your specific area of focus.

What advice would you give to other students considering continuing their studies at Greenwich?

I'd say it's worth the hard work. I'd also advise them to network and build and maintain relationships as much as possible. I still stay in contact with my colleagues.

What are you currently doing?

I am now a Marketing Project Planner at Grainger. Grainger is North America's leading broadline supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products with operations in Asia, Europe and Latin America. I was previously Associate Marketing Manager at Grainger and Director of Marketing and Public Relations at C. Deadrick Development, an event planning services company.

How did studying your MA help your career? 

Having an MA helped me to get my career started immediately after graduation. I stood out from other applicants and, with a more specialised degree, I was able to enter the particular area of marketing that I was interested in.

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