Dan Cooper Business School

"My degree quickly gave me the confidence and communication skills an event manager requires."
Dan Cooper,
BA Hons Events Management Graduate
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What is it like working in the sector/industry?
"The event industry is a fast paced, exciting and a challenging lifestyle. What makes me enjoy the world of events is delivering something for other people to enjoy. I work in horseracing, the UK's second largest spectator sport. The likes of the Grand National, Cheltenham Festival and Epsom Derby give me a huge buzz. Each event that has thousands of attendees involves months of planning and opportunities to work with some of the UK's top event stakeholders. The industry will always keep you on your toes, live events throw up many challenges and it is not glitz and glamour every day. Special days do come around though and that is what you cherish."
How did your degree programme help you develop the skills required for your role/industry?

"Every event is totally different, so studying a degree in such a vast industry is difficult. I took a lot out of the opportunities that my degree offered me. Work experience for some of London's top event planners provided me the confidence to go out and work in the industry. I was also lucky enough to work at London 2012, memories that will always stay with me."

What advice would you give to future students looking to work in Events Management?
"Take up as many opportunities you can to develop your experience and build up your contacts. While doing this, everything you learn 'on-site' you can apply to your coursework and really believe in what you are writing in assignments. As you become more established and built a name for yourself, you should be able to select what work you do and begin to understand which direction you feel you are best suited to. It is also good to visit lots of events during your studies and think to yourself what works well at the event and what could be better."

How has university life prepared you for the working world?
"University life taught me how to engage and network with all types of people confidently. From being a fresher, to speaking in front of the class – University gave me the skill to build relationships with people and be confident in myself."

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