Margherita Morra Business School

"My degree has taught me main theories which are required in a marketing role."
Margherita Morra, 
BA Hons Advertising and Marketing Communications
Email Production Coordinator, Warner Music Group

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What is it like working in Marketing?
"It's a great environment for innovative digital marketers that want to get inspired. I work for Warner Music Group and it's so much fun. The environment is very young, creative and my colleagues are really friendly."

How did your degree programme help you develop the skills required for your role?
"My degree has taught me main theories which are required in a marketing role. Secondly, group projects have helped me develop communication skills and flexibility. Lastly, my bachelor experience has taught me how to be precise, organised and how to prioritise workload. All of which I believe are the main ingredients of a successful employee."

What advice would you give to future students looking to work in Marketing?
"I would suggest you take a placement year to gain some marketing experience during your degree, to understand more about the subject and apply this to the theories studied at university. In addition, work experience helps you understand if marketing is really for you and helps you discover which aspect of the sector you would like to work in."

How has university life prepared you for the working world?
"At university I have always liked to keep myself busy and be involved in different activities. University life has really helped me to develop time management skills and to be organised. This has allowed me to perform better at work and be better prepared to handle unexpected situations." 

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