Nadia Elhadji Business School

"It's more than just a wonderful location. You will also find opportunities at Greenwich not on offer at other universities. Here support is always available, if you have a problem and you need help. The university ensures that you never feel alone."

Nadia Elhadji,    
BA Hons Advertising and Marketing Communications


Why advertising and marketing communications? 

"I like it as it's flexible, it's something you can do in every industry, every company, wherever you want in the world. I speak four languages so I love to communicate and advertising is the communication between companies and their customers."

Are you planning to participate in the Erasmus+ scheme?

"Yes in Nantes, in the North West of France. I'm looking forward to networking and I'm hoping to do some research in France for my dissertation."

Where did your drive to start your adventure come from?

"Before I started university, I moved to London and I had no plans at all. I only had €2,000 and I was seeking a new adventure. I started working at Pret a Manger and I found that I'm really good with people. I enjoy customer service, they recognised this at work and it gave me a great deal of confidence. Then I realised I wanted to expand on these skills and study a degree. The reason I chose Greenwich was the great learning environment it provides."

What have you really liked about studying at Greenwich? 

"I like the fact the university has so many opportunities, such as networking events, seminars, workshops and it offers a wide range of opportunities. In particular, the Business School Employability Office assisted me in developing my CV. With the support of the team I now feel more confident in pursuing a future career."

What have you found the most difficult to adapt to living in the UK?

"I'm an independent person who has become more organised and good at managing my finances. This is really important if you want to live in London, as it can be expensive at times."

From a social point of view, have you made many friends here?

"I have made really good friends in my course. I've been involved in the Performing Arts Society where I met different people and I participated in a Christmas show, which was fun."

What advice would you give to future students who are thinking about studying at Greenwich?

"It's more than just a wonderful location. At Greenwich, you can find opportunities that are not accessible elsewhere. For example, other universities don't offer you the one-to-one support you are provided with here. Whenever I had a problem, I would email my lecturer and receive an answer straight away. Here support is always available, if you have a problem and you need help. The university ensures that you never feel alone."