Zoë Mason Business School

"The university makes sure that you become the best person and you achieve your best possible grade."

Zoë Mason
BA Hons Advertising and Marketing Communications graduate

What made you decide to study at the University of Greenwich?

I wasn't entirely sure that I was going to go to university, and then my mum pushed me to just apply so I always had the option. I came to Greenwich for an Open Day and I just fell in love with the campus, and the people here were so nice and friendly. I just walked away that day knowing I wanted to come to university and I wanted to come to Greenwich.

What is the best thing about studying at the University?

All the filming on campus made it so exciting. Every day you'd come in and something would be going on and it was a completely different experience.

But also the lecturers were so much fun on my degree. I remember my first lecture, we had Bob and he played The Killers, Are We Human? He made us watch a music video and he explained that this is our role as marketers. Every time I hear that song now I think of my first lecture at University and it makes me smile. 

What was your experience of living in the student halls?

I stayed in halls of residence for my first year in McMillan. Then I stayed over at Avery Hill.  The rooms were so nice, they were all en-suite and it's just like living with your best friends. It's a great experience. I would always recommend like even if you live close, do halls of residence for at least your first year and then move back home if you want to, but the chances are you won't want to. 

What are you up to now?

I am working for AIA Worldwide, the UK section of a global company called TMP Worldwide. It's the world's leading recruitment advertising agency. I was headhunted for this role at the end of last year. I strongly believe the only reason I was headhunted was because Greenwich pushed me so hard that I got a first-class honours.

We put together media campaigns and we do employer branding, and careers websites, so basically, we run anything for a company that makes them a better employer. A lot of it is what I studied here and what Greenwich taught me has made me succeed in my role.

What's your favourite moment of studying at Greenwich?

Seeing my finished dissertation, knowing it's done. You feel so proud of yourself and you know that you would never have got that far if it wasn't for Greenwich, that they push you and they support you and they know what you're capable of.

The university makes sure that you become the best person and you achieve your best possible grade. That's just the best memories that I can have of this place.

What advice would you give to first year students?

Come here, it's like a family here. That's all I can say. I talk to so many people about Greenwich mostly because my best stories are here. And even coming here to deliver a talk at a Taster Day event, it felt like coming home. It's such a welcoming, supportive, interesting environment.

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