Peter Chowne

Peter Chowne Ph.D Doctorate University of Nottingham, MBA Bournemouth University

Peter Chowne
Ph.D Doctorate University of Nottingham, MBA Bournemouth University

Senior Lecturer, Tourism Management

Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism

Business School

Peter Chowne has over 30 years' experience working in public and non-profit archaeological organisations and museums, and as a consultant in heritage management and tourism planning. He was the first Head of the Museum of London Archaeology Service and a Principal of Lord Cultural Resources, a leading international consulting company.

Peter is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and a Member of the Institute for Field Archaeologists. He has worked on archaeological, heritage management and museum projects in Europe, North Africa and West Asia. Peter plays an active role in the development of heritage management and is a founding member of the Advanced International Programme for Heritage Quality (HERITY).

  • Heritage tourism
  • Conservation and management planning for archaeological sites, museums and landscapes
  • PhD supervision
  • Evaluation of research projects and programmes.

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