James Prendergast Business School

James highly recommends being a mentor and shares his experience.


"The biggest benefit you would get out of it will be increasing your confidence as a person."

James Prendergast,
Student mentor

What do you like most about the mentoring scheme? What was the reason why you wanted to join the mentoring scheme?

My daughter was given a fantastic opportunity to come to the University of Greenwich to study. When she came to Greenwich, I was very keen to see if there was anything that I could do to give something back so the mentoring scheme seemed perfect for me.

It gives me an opportunity to work with students like my daughter who are academically bright and need a little bit more understanding of the commercial world.

How has your experience been at the University of Greenwich, both from a mentor's perspective and a father's perspective?

My experience of the University as a parent has been absolutely fantastic. I love it. I think it's an amazing place and the location is fantastic, the buildings are superb, where they study, the students, painted hall, it's just so inspiring.

As a mentor, the staff have been very supportive to me and the support I've needed have been given to me straight away. The students that I've met here have been exemplary in their conduct and manners, and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it.

Do you feel like the scheme has benefited you in any way?

I think the scheme has benefited me a lot. I have recommended it to friends and work colleagues to get them involved as well. Not only are you giving something back but you are also seeing a student develop to a new level. You feel their appreciation. It's a good feeling inside.

What is your top tip to anybody who is considering becoming a mentor?

I think for anyone considering becoming a mentor, the biggest benefit you would get out of it will be increasing your confidence as a person. The scheme will improve your business network, as you will meet a large range of different people across the University.

What would you recommend to other employers that haven't got involved in any mentoring schemes?

Don't be frightened, it's a great thing to do. Both the mentees that I had, I took them to my business to meet my team and meet the people within my businesses. I also get them involved in what we do outside the working day such as our social nights. They really enjoyed the experience.

Jump in with two feet, it's a great thing to do and I 100% recommend it.