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Career progression Business School

The Greenwich MBA opens up the world of business to its graduates. 

It is designed for professionals looking to advance their business, management and leadership skills, which ultimately will fast-track career progression.


Our MBA includes executive coaching, which helps you to understand your value in the marketplace and develop plans that will make the very best of your career potential. 

You can also take part in our Mentoring Scheme which has been set up to provide you with advice on your career.

Bespoke MBA degrees

A personalised MBA degree allows you to gain the benefits of a normal Executive MBA as well as the advantages of a specialist insight into your specific industry. 

Ultimately giving you a personalised learning opportunity to help you get ahead in your sector. It is a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Career prospects

Graduates have the opportunity to progress rapidly through management in different companies or to apply their skills and knowledge to managing their own businesses.