Ioannis Manikas

Dr Ioannis Manikas PhD

Dr Ioannis Manikas

Programme Leader & Principal Lecturer

Department of Systems Management and Strategy

Business School

Dr Ioannis Manikas holds a Bachelor in Agriculture and a Master of Science in the field of logistics from Cranfield University. He holds a PhD from the Department of Agricultural Economics in AUTH and his primary interest includes supply chain management, logistics and agribusiness management.

Dr Manikas has conducted research for projects regarding supply chain modelling, development of IT solutions for agrifood supply chain management and traceability both in Greece and the UK. He has a wide experience in the elaboration of research proposals under FP6, FP7, and Eurostars-Eureka funding mechanisms; lifelong learning oriented programmes such as Leonardo; and Interregional development programmes such as Interreg III and Interreg IV.

His work as a self employed project manager and consultant in the agrifood sector includes the design and development of regional operational programmes; analysis of regional needs and respective development policies focused on rural and food production; definition of funding areas and financing resources; definition of strategic goals for regional development and formulation of respective performance monitoring systems; and assessment (ex-ante, on-going, ex-post) of the implementation of EC and national funding mechanisms in national and regional levels.

Research/scholarly interests

  • Supply chain management in the agrifood sector
  • Tracking and tracing systems
  • Sustainable practices in the agrifood sector
  • Freight transportation and logistics management.

Selected publications

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Conference papers

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