Petros Ieromonachou

Petros Ieromonachou PhD, MSc, MA(Ed), PGCert(HE), BEng Hons

Petros Ieromonachou
PhD, MSc, MA(Ed), PGCert(HE), BEng Hons

Head of Department

Department of Systems Management and Strategy

Business School

Dr Petros Ieromonachou lectures transport management in the department of Systems Management and Strategy in the Business School. Dr Ieromonachou has written, managed and delivered various courses on transport and logistics. Previously, Dr Ieromonachou worked at the Open University, where currently acting as a visiting Research Fellow in the Design Group of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing & Technology. Dr Ieromonachou has been involved in projects for the Department for Transport and the Energy Savings Trust. Dr Ieromonachou's doctorate was in transport policy implementation and was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and Atkins. Dr Ieromonachou is a research active academic with wide ranging interests and experience - transportation policy and management, energy and sustainable development, strategic niche analysis, urban planning for smart cities. As an active member of various transport studies groups and societies, Dr Ieromonachou regularly presents his work in international conferences and workshops.

Teaching and administrative activities:

Teaching on various transport courses: Sustainable Transport, Transport Management and Planning (Passenger and Freight) and Strategic Management and Transport Policy

Quality assurance coordinator for the SMS department

Placement tutor

MPhil/PhD supervision:

* Vice Chancellor's PhD scholarship award holder – 1st supervisor
* Business School PhD scholarship – 2nd supervisor
* 2 MA by Research supervisions

Transport Planning Society Bursaries (2006) – Topic 7, Mentor: Martin Richards OBE
Title: When might we see congestion charging in British cities outside London?

* Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, since 2008.
* Member of the International Small Islands Studies Association, since 2007.
* Visiting Research Fellow at the Open University, since 2005.
* Member of the Transport Planning Society (TPS), since 2004.
* Associated Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), since 2004.
* Member of the international Network on European Communications and Transport Activity Research (NECTAR), since 2003.
* Member of the Universities' Transport Study Group (UTSG) UK, since 2001.
* Correspondent for the University of Greenwich, since 2007.

Dr Ieromonachou's main research interest is policy development which focuses among other topics on sustainable transport systems – city logistics relating to the movement of both passengers and products; urban transport provision and management. Dr Ieromonachou's work includes other varied projects such as tourism travel; island sustainability: transport, tourism, energy use, emissions; sustainable agribusiness and greening the supply chain.

Ieromonachou, P. (2012) The Cultures of Alternative Mobilities – Routes Less Travelled, Book review for the Journal of Transport Geography 24 (2012) 537–538.

Ieromonachou, P. (2006). Urban toll rings - what lessons can we learn from the Norwegians?, Traffic Engineering and Control, 47(8), 310-314.

Ieromonachou P., Potter S. and Warren J.P. (2010). The Olympic Transport Legacy, Town and Country Planning, 79 (7/8), 327-332.

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Ieromonachou, P., Potter, S. and Warren, J.P. (2006). Norway's urban toll rings: evolving towards congestion charging, Transport Policy, 13(5), 29-40.

Ieromonachou, P. and Stair, N. (2011). E-technologies in Higher Education provision: Planning, Implementation and Management, in: Bak, O. and Stair, N. (eds). Impact of E-Business Technologies on Public and Private Organizations: Industry Comparisons and Perspectives, IGI Global, ISBN10:1-60960-501-2.

Ieromonachou, P. and Warren, J.P. (2013). Can rail and sail compete with air travel to Cyprus? A comparison of emissions, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 18 (2013) 86–90. [Manuscript number: TRD-D-12-00060R1]

Ieromonachou, P. and Warren, J. P. (2008). Policy Packages as potential routes to urban road pricing in the UK, Trasporti Europei (International Journal of Transport Economics, Engineering and Law), 40, 106-123.

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