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This three day course supported the training and development of lead coaches tasked with developing Leadership training, mentoring and coaching within the ELITE Leadership Centres in designated Ukraine Universities.

ELITE Leadership Development in Higher Education     

Date: 9-12 June 2015  

Venues: University of Greenwich, Greenwich Maritime Campus and Stockwell St. London, UK 


This three day course supports the training and development of lead coaches who are tasked with developing Leadership training, mentoring and coaching within the ELITE Leadership Centres in designated Ukraine Universities.  The course will provide coaches with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of theoretical approaches to leadership training and development; the application of a range Personal and Organisational Diagnostic Tools of use within HE leadership contexts and to consolidate their own identity and role as a coach to support the learning of aspiring and newly appointed leaders within higher education.

Learning outcomes

Participants will have:

  • Examined and reflected on Leadership Development in HE;
  • Explored the range of  Personal and Organisational Diagnostic Tools and processes available in developing aspiring leaders;
  • Explored the inter-relationship between mentoring and coaching, and their role as a coach in developing leaders as reflective practitioners within their own institution;
  • Developed the conceptual understanding required of a lead coach, to enable aspiring and newly appointed leaders in HE to take on effective leadership roles.

Indicative Content:

  • Leadership Development in HE 
  • The relationship between mentoring and coaching (examining theory and case studies in practice);
  • Strategies for effective academic and professional coaching of colleagues;
  • The leader as a reflective practitioner;
  • Supporting newly qualified leaders in engaging in complex professional environments.

Certification of Lead Coaches:

Certification of the Lead Coaches will be dependent on:

  • Participation in ELITE Leadership Development in Higher Education  programme in London
  • Completion of a Portfolio to include CV; learning activities; reflective account of learning; critical incidents; statement of how they see their role as lead coach of a Leadership Centre; identification of resources to be used to support their role.

It is intended that the Portfolio will support Lead Coaches of the designated Leadership Centres
Programme - Tuesday 9 June 2015 

Venue: Stockwell Street Seminar Room 11

Date and Times Programme details
09.30 Introduction to the week : Professor Ian McNay and Francia Kinchington


Tom Kennie (Ranmore Consulting)
Leadership Development in Higher Education

  • Experiences and approaches
  • A Framework of approaches and concepts
11.00  Break


Personal Diagnostic Tools

  • Team leadership styles (to be completed in advance)
  • Introduction to 360 feedback frameworks for academic leaders,
  • strategic HE leaders and for professional service leaders
  • Action Learning




Processes and Tools 

  • The Use of Simulations 
  • Innovation Laboratory and Innovation Culture Survey
  • Scenario thinking

Case Studies

  • UK Top Management Programme
  • IAU Leading Globally Engaged Universities 
  • Global Engagement: Global Challenge programme 
  • Institutional Transformation through leadership development (examples from my current practice)




16:15  End of workshop



Programme - Wednesday 10 June

 Venue: Greenwich Maritime QA038

9.30- 11.30


Exploring the use of EPIGEUM ULM  materials

Introduction to the EPIGEUM suite of University Leadership and Management materials - report on usage by 24 universities: Leah Holroyd 
The use of EPIGEUM Leadership and Management materials in the context of developing trust and building leadership: Professor Jill Jameson
Customising the EPIGEUM Leadership and Management materials to the Nigerian context: initial feedback: Dr.Gordon Ade-Ojo and Francia Kinchington
Panel discussions with Leah, Jill, Gordon, Francia, Nataliya and Jim discussing the potential use of online ULM development training materials for the Ukraine context




Developing Innovative Practice: Virtual Leadership, Changing Work Contexts: From Online to Virtual Leadership Development: Jim Gritton

14.00 – 16.00

Various types of leadership in the public services: competing models and organisational differences: Dr. Patrick McGurk

This session examines 3 competing models of leadership in the public services: the entrepreneurial view; the stewardship view; and the distributed view and explores examples of different types of organisations in the public services – namely different types of bureaucracy and networks – and the implications of organisational differences for leadership practice.

16.00 onwards

Networking/ visits


Programme - Thursday 11 June

 Venue: Greenwich Maritime QM169

9.30- 10.30

Cross-cultural leadership: European and International Perspectives: Dr. Iain Carruthers-Jones (Faculty of Business)

10.30 -11.00



Leadership: exploring Ukrainian-implicit leadership theories: Dr. Nataliya Rumyantseva (Faculty of Business)


Leading the autonomous university: Lessons from the UK Professor Ian McNay



Travel to UCL Institute of Education (13.30 to 14.50)


Leadership training: three case studies: a course, a centre, a national body.


MBA in HE Management  Dr William Locke


The London Leadership Centre  Professor Peter Earley


The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education  Doug Parkin

End of workshop

12 June Return home